FREE e-book by Deskew - Optimize your Windows PC for the stage!

Hi guys!

Deskew Technologies presents you with a free e-book:
The Ultimate Guide to Optimize your Windows PC for the Stage

I want to thank Nebojsa and David for making this possible and their sharp reviews!
And especially David for making English perfect!!!

Here are the links:

Own the Stage™, like never before!

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This is great, and it just comes in at the right time, since i am about to finish my “Suitcase-PC” project over the next days… it is set up just for making music ad now it also will be optimized according to the guidelines of this tutorial. I am really looking forward to getting that machine to run. :smiley: :nerd_face:

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I put the epub in my kobo aura h20 to leaf through when traveling.

A little nitpick while we’re at it: I did not check all pages, but screenshots are truncated, therefore the font size needs to be decreased.
That is not annoying on my 6.8" screen, but that could be the case on a smaller ereader.

Anyway, when optimizing a computer, one does not need an ereader :smiley:

And first of all, thank you for this gold nugget : I am used to optimize my pc, but I believe that this book is the most authoritative and comprehensive reference.

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Meh, Nemanja did all the hard work



Visual display of the epub format depends in great measure of the reader app :slight_smile:
It might add some styles, clip images, add different headers and footers, different table of contents style, different background, fonts etc. It might even show blank pages between the chapters.

Here’s how this ePub file looks on my Redmi Note 7 smartphone (reader is ReadEra, available for free).

The epub format is quite difficult to manage correctly. Trying to juggle with xhtml, ncx, opf and xml, my own efforts to convert to epub for all kinds of reader apps have always failed !

Testing quickly different apps, your epub file looks also perfectly in Sumatre epub reader and of course in the excellent Calibre viewer.


Thank you!

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I am just about to do all these things from your huge list of tips… it’s defintely a lot of work to do. I am reading, clicking and typing now for over an hour and i just have finished about the half of the tasks that have to be done… but i think it will be worth it. :slight_smile:


I have a question regarding the RegEdit for core parking.

following the manual I search for dec35c318583 but my entries under power settings don’t have an “Attributes” REG_DWORD entry to edit.

I see AllowedEnrollementTypes (qword) and then Behavior, HighRange, LowRange, mergeAlgorithm, Policy Type.

Based on the search suggested, I also get about 100 of these reg entries.

So a couple of questions… do I need to change them all and what should I be changing if I don’t have “attributes”?

Hi Brandon,

I’ve just checked on Windows 10 20H2, this option is still there. I have many results for the “dec35c318583” search query, but only two of them that include “Attributes”.

Make sure that you click on the root entry in the registry editor (“Computer”) before performing the search and double check that you didn’t miss these.

When you set Attributes to 0, you’ll be able to change the core parking setting for other power plans, as well, i.e. Balanced:


If you still cannot find these entries, I suggest that you simply proceed with another optimization tip. :slight_smile:

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found the instance in there, thanks for the extra guidance.

BTW… this is a very well thought out and written guide that goes DEEP into Win10… some of this I knew already (I optimize my PC for my video work) but some of this is new to me… tremendously valuable.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you like it, please spread the word. It’s free, it’s good and it will motivate people to find out more about Gig Performer.

// Fun fact is that there were originally even more tips planned, but when we tested these with Gig Performer, we didn’t see any noticeable improvements.