Facilitate the configuration of Windows before a gig

Configuring Windows before playing live and possibly reconfiguring it afterwards is important and has been repeated often in the forum. The disadvantage is that it is time consuming and requires going into various windows.

However, it is possible to simplify and speed up this task with the help of tweaking software tools.

I now use Winaero Tweaker: an application that allows to quickly and fully customize Windows, for example:

  • enable/disable Windows Telemetry and Data Collection.
  • enable/disable Windows Defender.
  • enable/disable Windows Update.
  • enable/disable ads and unwanted app installation
  • enable/disable Windows Update
  • enable/ disable write protection on USB mass storage devices

A hundred of options as well as tools of all kinds are available.
Cherry on the cake: You can bookmark only selected tweaks to quickly uncheck/check them before and after a performance.
This application can be used without installation in portable mode.



In this case, this should just stay disabled.
Yes, Winaero has some great stuff for tweaking. :slight_smile:

I’ve included this tip in the first post here.

That was just in the copy/paste of examples, too lazy to delete it :grimacing:
That said, it is one of the strengths of winaero to be able to create several different profiles that can be recalled quickly, especially when you want to move from secure internet use to live music use.

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