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This category is for discussion of plugins in general. Talk about plugins you like (or not), report plugin issues, share tips about plugins, perhaps even share patches.

General discussion about Gig Performer

Issues and conversations about Gig Performer that aren’t related specifically to a specific platform (Mac or Windows).

Gig Performer on Mac OS X

Topics related to Gig Performer running on Mac OS X


This is the place to talk about hardware that you use or want to use with Gig Performer.

Scripting with Gig Performer

This forum is for the purpose of discussing GP Script, the programming language built into Gig Performer. This is the place to ask questions about the language, its syntax, available functions and so forth. Note that the development team cannot help you with actual programming tasks or help you to find bugs in your scripts.

Gig Performer in Action

Various images and posts showing GP in action.

Gig Performer on Windows

Topics related to Gig Performer running on Microsoft Windows machines.

Gig and Rackspace Files

This is the place where you can find and share gigs and rackspace files with other users.


This category is for users who want to discuss Gig Performer’s OSC support. OSC is an advanced topic and we assume that users working with OSC will have some background using OSC applications and tools.

Shared rackspaces

This is a forum where you can post rackspaces that you would like to share with others. Please post each new exported rackspace into a separate new topic.

User scripts

This is a category where people can submit scripts that they feel might be useful to others.
Create a new topic for each script.

GP for Guitar and Bass Players

Do you play guitar, bass, banjo, Warr, Chapman, sitar or indeed any instrument that you feed into Gig Performer via audio? This is your place to ask questions and to share your tips and experiences.

Tips and Tricks

Share ideas on how to use Gig Performer in clever ways.

Test forum

Use this forum to make sure you’re able to create topics, edit them and so forth. Consider deleting your posts after you have finished experimenting.


Useful announcements about updates, changes and other happenings will appear here.

Stories from the Trenches

Are you using Gig Performer for live performance or perhaps as a session musician? Share your experiences here.