Which Win Notebook is recommendable

I used a HP Z-Book (i7/16GB) before but if the rackspaces were getting a bit “heavier” it wasn’t fast enough and it went hot and loud (the fan) quite quickly.
So now i built my own “laptop”, ok it’s more a tabletop, but it’s transportable and it has all i need in one (suit)case… i7@4GHz, 32GB RAM, 2x 1TB of SSD (M2 drives), water cooling (efficient and quiet) and a 21" screen where you really can see everything. Ok… it’s bigger and heavier, compared to my former Z-Book. :smiley: :wink:


now THAT is cool

Thanks. :smiley: (I still have to integrate the audio interface though)
And at home i can connect it to my big 55" tv screen since the mainboard i chose offers two video outs.


I have seen this: Clevo-Computer NB70TA, 17’’.

Sorry, Video is in german: Der beste Laptop für Cubase & Co ist kein MacBook - YouTube

Thanks for the info so far.
I am native German speaker, thanks for the link.
@schamass That looks loke a “hobby in a hobby”…
When I bought my Notebook it was just to control the surface of the digital mixer, now the whole band should run through GP, mainly 4 midi tracks with its VSTs + 4 mics with its effect VSTs + sometimes the E-drum with its effect vsts…
Paralell a DAW is runing paralell to record it. Depending on the number of effects and type of VSTs the Notebook is handling it. but its on its Edge… I stripped it already down for an optimized performance.
I will invest what is needed, if possible it should be in a range of 1K€, but this is not mendatory.
Following a link to some settings which could help other win user. I hope this is allowed,


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Thanks for the link. Most settings I had already, it’s currently working on the “indexing”, since about 20 minutes, I hope everything is runing well… (350 GB on hard disc)

I guess I squeezed all out of my actual notebook, let’s see.
Same you did with your “Computer” I did with the XR18 incl. needed equipment. It’s actively cooled
and easy to travel with…
With all the incoming cables it looks „unorganized“ but it works grate for a quick set up!


Cool thing! Looks very handy. :+1:

Man, that’s cool! Would you mind posting the build specs? Thanks!

Your request seems to be easy, but it is not. It is a question of latency which always depends on the CPU, the Audiointerface, the driver, the amount of tracks / Effects you want handle live.
As I do use a lot of different RME interfaces and have a lot of experience with different CPU types I can say your interfaces are not well known as interfaces with a excellent latency. So I am nearly sure it does not help to take a 1000€ Computer and all your problems will leave.
Even in a Highend level environment with Computers that costs 5-10.000€ you can still have troubles (which results in horrible crackle sound). For live sound this must well be planned and tested…

I know that, for that reason I asked for the model
of notebook others are using successfully.
My above mentioned HP Pavilion is generally working with my set up (after modification) but I guess it’s on its „limit“. Sometimes I got some problems even if the CPU is showing not more as 60% (on peek). (with Keyscape for example)
If I have a look on the kernels in the task manager I can see that the work is not well shared,


I guess you meant the system from schamass, right?

Sorry man, i totally forgot this… i’ll have to check the invoice first, because i can’t remember all the details anymore. I will come back to you this afternoon. :innocent:

Yes, that’s correct. Thanks!

Cool, thanks!

Ok, here we go…
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-9700K
RAM: Corsair DIMM 32 GB DDR4-3600 Kit
Mainboard: MSI MAG Z390 TOMAHAWK Z390
SSD1: Mushkin Pilot-E 1 TB, SSD (M.2)
SSD2: Patriot Viper VPN100 M.2 1 TB, SSD
Power Supply: be quiet! STRAIGHT POWER 11 CM 550W
Cooling Unit: Corsair Hydro H115i PRO RGB 280mm watercooling set
Display: Lenovo L22E-20, Gaming-Monitor (cheap, all buttons on the front, all connectors on the back and pointing downwards, VESA fixing points)
The suitcase i used is this one:

But if i’d had to do it again, i would choose a case with a bit more height… it’s very, very tight in there!
I disassembled an old PC-case and cut out the bottom plate with all the fixing points for the mainboard, then i simply glued it into the suitcase (after i was really sure that everything else had enough space and was accessible as well). For the rest i built a frame of aluminium-profiles and covered the top with aluminium sheet-metal.
The suitcase has a Powercon socket for the main power connection (the other components are “hardwired” to this) and i placed two XLR-sockets which are connected to the balanced outs of the audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett Solo). The audio interface has still to be integrated somehow, but i not yet sure of how to do it… build it in vertically (for that i had to cut out a piece of the top frame) or hide it under a lid which would open by just pressing the on top (i already bought some spring-supported push openers for furniture). We will see… :smiley:
Oh, and i had to use two dampers for the lid of the suitcase to keep it in place (30N are good for this!)
Some adaptors for LAN, 2nd video connection (Displayport to HDMI), USB-Hub, flat profile TRS-plugs for the audio cables (lack of space & height)…
So, i hope this answers your questions - if there should be more… just ask. :wink:


There are many parameters to take into account for optimal use in audio applications.
One very important element that has not been detailed here is the choice of processor: you could choose a very expensive computer with a latest generation i7 processor that would not have the necessary performance.

Your computer has an i5-8265U processor: the simple fact that it has the letter U on it shows that this processor is not made to be powerful but to be energy efficient, which is to be avoided when using avc GP or any other resource-intensive program.

Take a look at this page which will help you to choose a processor adapted to your needs.

Intel® Processor Names and Numbers

A little late to the party, but here’s my laptop:
5 yr old Dell XPS15 9550 running Win10 Home

The only issues I’ve had have been user ignorance/error.

If I were to start over it would be a Dell XPS13 with a similar configuration.

I just stumbled upon THIS:
(and i thought my suitcase-PC was fat :open_mouth:)

More information here: