Pops & Crackling

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at last I have some time to get this done. Here is a document that I put together describing how I overcame my Pops and Crackling issue with GP. My setup is a Midi Keyboard (a MOXF 8 in this case) connected through a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 mk2 which is connected through a Powered Manhattan USB hub to the MS Surface Pro 6. This process I describe has been taken in part from various other sources and I thank everyone for the information they have provided. This configuration works beautifully for me and since configuring things in the way I describe I have had no issues. Apologies for the format… I am unable to upload the PDF so instead attached are three PNG files.

@Mossybj - thanks for sharing this, but it is really not usable by others in this format as the image is too small and text cannot be read.

Could you try to upload your PDF file now? Thanks.

Hi djogon… I keep getting the message saying “…the file is not authorized. Authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, mp4, gig, rackspace, gppanel, zip)”… see attached. Upload_Error

I see - could you ZIP it up and then try again please - THANKS!

Hi, Attached my Glitch Free setup/configuration for a Surface Pro 6 and NI Komplete Audio 6 mk2. See my description above. Surface Pro 6 Glitch Free.zip (1.2 MB)

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Thank you very much for the feedback :wink:

Hi @Mossybj

Just curious if you are still using the SP6? I am new to GP(3) but having glitching with my SP4 -16GB. DPC Latency is way high. Of course, it’s 5 years old but just wondering if I would have better luck with a newer version before I go a different direction. Thx!

There are many, many reasons you should consider upgrading to GP4. It’s a whole new ball game!

As far as your latency…have you adjusted your Audio Properties in Options correctly? Try experimenting with your buffer size.

Thanks @jpt

Yes, indeed and have in fact consulted with a trusted friend and DAW builder who ran it through the optimizations for me. It’s semi-capable at 256 buffers but the SP4 kind of freezes up screenwise which I also learned was an issue with the 4’s. Yeah, I do need to upgrade to GP4 but (see avatar :)…

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Crowd funding?


LOL, well GP4 is definitely in my future - value is there! Now that we’re caring for grandkids, their Christmas is priority atm.

So, is resource management improved in GP4? If there is an improvement, perhaps I need to gift myself!

I used a Surface Pro 6 for nearly three years (just upgraded to SP 8). Following suggestions on this forum, I set it to 44.1 with 256 buffer. It always ran fine and did what I asked. As well as reading the book mentioned, can I suggest looking up Molten Music on Y Tube. Robin Vincent who runs the site has done extensive research with several S Pro versions and has many tweaks that I found useful.

Now we have this free eBook for optimizing your PC:

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It’s not much different fron the Brad Robinson book he already mentioned is it?

WHAT !!! … :face_with_monocle:
What are you implying? :wink:

Have you read it?

No word for word, but when I found Brad Robinsons book in the early days, I used that as a guide. Then I discovered Robin Vincents Molten Music Ytube vids on tweaking the Surface Pro which really helped me. All three sources cover much the same ground.

Well, you might want to review it — it’s quite a bit more comprehensive than the earlier ones.

Ok, thanks for the heads up.

I suggest that you study this guide it deeply and then return to this thread and provide some feedback :slight_smile:

On this YT video, you can see some results.

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