Useful scripts and Scriptlets

[1] Antagonist buttons Scriptlet → LINK


[2] How to connect the Auto Sampler directly to the Streaming Audio File Player? (Super handy to drop audio files into the player and then be able to resample literally anything) → LINK

[3] TH-U Looper Control Scriptlet → LINK

[4] Play lowest or highest note only (but remember held notes) → LINK

[5] Switchable 4x8 knob matrix → LINK

[6] Scaling the slider value to a range of 0 to 3, which selects one of the 4 widgets. → LINK


[7] GPUserPresets and Program Changes → LINK

[8] Alternating notes.LINK
Alternate notes between 2 MIDI channels

1st note goes out CH1
2nd note goes out CH2
3rd note goes out CH1
4th note goes out CH2


Another interesting scriptlet, but it seems that it needs testing for a specific plugin → AutoBypass scriptlet

Best Scriptlet name award goes to → LINK




This is already part of Plugin Persist 2.0 :wink:

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I forgot - well done. Is this a better implementation than the one listed above?

Well, probably more complete, but it’s up to the user to decide :wink:

Yeah, but I think I created the auto bypassing script from your script to have something for specifically bypassing plugins without having to use the whole persist stuff.


This is a 3x4 button matrix to switch between previously saved GP User Presets of a plugin (here Pianoteq from Modartt).


Enter Edit mode and use the same widget caption like the name of GP User Preset you want to recall. (If the “Customized Caption” of the widget is not “empty” or “” then pressing that button will attempt to load the the GP User Preset corresponding to the widget’s caption.

Learn more → LINK

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