Useful scripts and Scriptlets

[1] Antagonist buttons Scriptlet → LINK


[2] How to connect the Auto Sampler directly to the Streaming Audio File Player? (Super handy to drop audio files into the player and then be able to resample literally anything) → LINK

[3] TH-U Looper Control Scriptlet → LINK

[4] Play lowest or highest note only (but remember held notes) → LINK


Another interesting scriptlet, but it seems that it needs testing for a specific plugin → AutoBypass scriptlet

Best Scriptlet name award goes to → LINK




This is already part of Plugin Persist 2.0 :wink:

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I forgot - well done. Is this a better implementation than the one listed above?

Well, probably more complete, but it’s up to the user to decide :wink:

Yeah, but I think I created the auto bypassing script from your script to have something for specifically bypassing plugins without having to use the whole persist stuff.


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