Select different global transpose amounts using buttons

Here is a simple scriptlet to which you can attach buttons to set different global transpose amounts.
The parameters Global1 … Global5 let you specify up to 5 different global transpose amounts.
The parameters SetGlobal1 … SetGlobal5 should be attached to buttons which will then set the global transpose accordingly.

Here is a simple gigfile you can use to see how to use this scriptlet.

TransposeControllerTest.gig (149.7 KB)

If you’re already comfortable with widgets and attaching to plugin parameters, here’s a favorite that is just the scriptlet - you can drag it into a rackspace to start using it.
GlobalTransposeController.gpfav (3.4 KB)


This has worked well for me with radio buttons for global transpose. I can post a gig file if interested just for another flavor.

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Sure, please share it. :slight_smile:

Here it is:

Transpose-gigfile.gig (1.2 MB)

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