Multi-Plugin Preset Selector

Inspired by the script that @rank13 shared in Can I script a rotary knob to change plugin preset? - #34 by rank13 , I created a multi-plugin preset selector for my global rackspace with some extras.

Added features:

  • single script allowing to map multiple preset-control-widgets to multiple plugins
  • filter selectable presets by an optional prefix (e.g. “show presets beginning with SEND”)

Setup: Refer to the comments within the script

My personal usecase:
Within my global rack, I have some fixed send effects.
This script allows me to select different presets for each of them.
Some plugins are used both as insert as well as send FX, for this situation I prefixed some presets with “Send” and configurated the script to filter/exclude these.


Multi Plugin Preset (2.2 KB)


That’s a very sophisticated script - good job!

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