An extension for storing global variables

The variables declared in gpscript are only visible in the script where they are declared, for example a rack-script, gig script, scriptlet or song-script. But sometimes it comes in handy to have some variables available everywhere. Therefore, I created this extension. It extends gpscript with some functions to created a ‘store’ with variables. These variables can be access by all scripts using these functions.

Disclaimer: This is version 0.0.1, so use at your own risk. Feel free to clone it and correct my mistakes, or create an issue. Maybe I’m smart enough to fix it.

I hope it might prove useful for somebody.

BTW: The extension-SDK is rather usable, not very hard to understand and well thought-through (or whatever the English idiom might be :slight_smile: ). My compliments to the people that created Gig Performer.