[Gig] 70’s Stage Keys

The idea behind this gig file was to have something close to a stage piano in a single rackspace.

Note: this screenshot is only a part of the complete setup. Please download the gig file below to see more.

Main features:

  • MIDI in blocks assignable to keyboard controllers which can then be selected to control any instrument racks with any split, on-the-fly, without leaving the panels view
  • Plugin Persist Scriptlets allow to switch between variations without stopping the current instruments (it is not patch persist, if you change the settings from one variation to the other for the same instruments, the sound will change)
  • Seamless MIDI Channel Constrainer Scriptlets allow to dynamically change the channel mapping without sound break (if possible)
  • Learn Split and Transpose Scriptlets allow to learn a min and max note of a split and transpose as well (the transpose is such that it can be changed dynamically without having stuck notes)
  • MIDI Activity Scriptlets allow to indicate the MIDI activity within the Rackspace


  • 1 general control rack panel (on/off switches, MIDI activity LEDs, meters, controlling keyboards, split, MIDI assignable controls, Transpose)
  • 8 instruments rack panels

Instrument rack panels:

  • all setup can be saved per variation
  • selection switch
  • widgets for intrument parameters
  • 8 MIDI controller assignable to a selection of parameter
  • selectable keyboard controller
  • learnable lower and higher split (pushd the learn button then play a note)
  • octave transpose (complementary to the control panel transpose)

Download: 70s_Stage_Keys.gig (8.7 MB)

Credits: @David-san