Setting a really complete single rackspace

If you’re running Windows 10 you can have split screens.

I doubt there’s much extra overhead running two instances of GP vs. putting all the VSTs into a single more complicated instance.

From a processing power standpoint, you’ll probably be able to to get to lower latency using two instances. The 8 GB of ram could present a challenge if you use several big sample libraries.

Getting two instances on the same screen could be a challenge on a laptop. On my desktop I put them side by side and there’s plenty of space. On my laptop but I’d imagine it would be more readable with one placed above the other, but I haven’t tried it.

Can you please explain more about this. I don’t really get it. Thanks

Will do

The solutions is to use the MIDI Filter Plugin and filter out Note On Messages:

2 Widget control the MIDI Filter Plugins:

Important “Invert Value” as the widget aktivated to Block Note ON.
Now when the widget is activated, the Note ON is not filtered out.

NoteFilter.gig (16.5 KB)

The Advantage of this solutions is:
You can play some chords with blue3, hold down the keys or sustatain and switch to piano.
When you play new notes the piano sound is played but the Blue3 sound is active as long as you hold down the previous played keys or sustain.

This is very similar to “patch persist” and therefore I call this “patch persist for poor people” :wink:


Can it be triggered automatically when I switch to other variation?

I also have problem with multiple instances and midi controller. If you don’t mind, can you please check itu out?

As this are widgets (do not check “Ignore Variations”) in each varation the widgets recall their values.

So, to avoid hanging notes, I need to set the note on filter “on” or “off” as default for each variations?


Which one is the default for each variation? On or off?

I think you can achieve this using a midi translator. Set a button to send specific midi data and translate that to a keystrokes (maybe alt+tab).

Thanks for the advice, but I am a bit scared with sequences of keystroke because it depends from external factors like, is the window you want to switch too always accessible via ALT+TAB. So I worked more in the direction of a full GP solution. It is close to be fully satisfying… but only close to.

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I see. Hope you solve that soon. It will be a real delight for anyone using two instances of GP on laptop.

Yeah, GP4 will help, e.g. as you can see in the annoucements, keystrokes will be supported in GPScript.

Where can I find the announcement?

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Hi, I’m kinda new to GP3, and am in the same dilemma as you in this post. Noting that this was a couple years ago, I’m wondering today, what did you end up doing? What’s your strategy if you dont mind sharing.
Thank you

So this a way to deal with it using the new Scriptlet plugins in GP4:

A more complex example using many different Scriptlets is given here:

Have fun with these stuffs :wink:

For now, I am using a rackspace full of plugins/sound I need, then I make variation for each song.
I will buy gp4 soon. Maybe the global rackspace feature will help with new possibilities.

I will buy gp4 soon, and try it out. Thanks for the tips.