Global Transpose resets held notes

When I have held notes (using midi filter to block notes off until I build a drone), modifying the global transpose instantly releases the held notes…is this expected?

Yes, it is.

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Any workaround to get past it?
The reason why is sometimes I have a 25 key plugged into the rig, Im usually doing guitar but sometimes will do ambient stuff in the background. I can just do it on the hardware but Im trying to standardise all of it in GP if possible.

The issue I believe is about hanging notes. If you transpose without turning notes off you’d hang the notes you’ve left behind.

If you use local transpose on a midi in block and organize that within rackspaces you can hold outgoing notes while you change rackspaces… but you’d still have to play the new note again for the transposed note to sound.

Other than that… some crazy sort of pitch bend widget control to effectively do the same thing?

As @brandon correctly observed, the issue is to prevent hanging notes. That is something that would impact 99.99% of users and so is a much higher priority than adding a modification that is only relevant to a tiny percentage of people.

The work around is to not use global transpose and do your your transpose with GP Script (say)

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I don’t know what you exactly want to do. I tried many funny things like that in the Scriptlets of the following gig file. In case it inspires you:


Dont worry hehe
I have been studying many of your scripts…

Very very helpful