Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Limiter 6 GE $9.99

Nice price on this.


anybody knows how much latency this one has ?
Limiters seem to be problematic in this regard.
Some more some less.
The feature set sound interesting on this one

It has different processing options. The ‘Low Latency’ mode takes it down to 14 samples, with trade-offs.

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Great deal!
I use the TDR Limiter 6 GE in a global rackspace as final plug-in for my stereo sum before it goes to FOH.
Some gentle compression, a peak limiter and a final soft clipper, to provide consistently powerful sounds to FOH without the danger of transient peaks and distortion, even with extreme sound sample FX. Running in low-latency mode with 14 samples = 0.3 ms. If you max it out there is inevitably some small audible artifacts but much less compared to a clipping audio in at a digital FOH desk.

I have tried many low-latency limiters for this purpose for years, and this one is definitely the best!

Attached is my preset file for GP4. (2.7 KB)


Thanks for the feedback ! i took the chance :wink:

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It’s currently selling for 30 Euro (US $33) when you buy directly

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A standard Channel Strip like the AMEK 9099 (currently on sale for 39$) provides an EQ and Compressor and Limiter in one plugin.

Are there any special needs or requirements to use a dedicated Limiter and not a Channel Strip???


It’s being offered at a lower price again at Audio Deluxe, this time for $24.

I am looking for another solution for my global rackspace.

I use TDR limiter in my first GP file. I’m happy with it.

Now I try to build a new identical GP file with totally different plugins. All plugins used in the main GP file must not be placed in the second replacement GP file. That is relatively simple with sounds, but not with compressor, limiter, equalizer, effects and so on.

Any recommendation?

When it comes to a good, transparent, low-latency limiter/compressor, IMHO: No. I tried many over the years.

Why? Is this a kind of a challenge??

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It’s my way to solve this problem:

Just to be precise :nerd_face:: Do you mean ‘no, I don’t have a recommendation’ or ‘no, TDR isn’t any good’?

I think the TDR limiter is great. I would have no other recommendation.

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I can’t understand your approach. If so many plug-ins crash on your system, there is something wrong with your system, or you are using only strange plug-in versions.
I once had many crashes when GP was loading plug-ins which load large sample sets. It turned out that a memory bar in the RAM was currupt.

Building a second GP gig as a back-up for each and every song using completely different plug-ins for the same sounds is neither effective nor professional. You need to fix what is wrong with your system.

As this is a thread on TDR limiter: It never crashed on my system (Win10) so I would see not a single reason for replacing it.


My system is top. I don’t have many crashes, this was the second major crash in my “career”. “Career” is the wrong word, because I’m no professional. And my “nexus” crash is not to explain for me, so I’m in search of an easy solution for the worst case, a crash live. I fear, most of you can’t understand me, because I can’t explain it in english.

I try to write it down in german and let it translate in englisch with Google:

I was at the band rehearsal and everything went well. There is no internet in the rehearsal room. Then I packed everything up, drove home, turned on the laptop and GigPerformer crashed immediately, multiple times. I didn’t change or do anything between the rehearsal room and my apartment. I found that the problem was reFX Nexus, a plugin I use a lot. I used the latest version. The next day around noon there was a Nexus update and everything worked again. So far so good. Nexus has always been a safe plugin for me, in terms of handling and good sound. If something like that happened to me at a gig, I wouldn’t have a solution ready. My band mates wouldn’t understand that, I would probably have to part with the laptop solution and play with two keyboards again. But I don’t want that, so I’m thinking about how I can get the problem under control. Now the tip came here in the forum never to use a plugin that has already crashed. I can understand that well, so I wanted to know who can recommend certain plugins. I have read here very often that one or the other had problems with one or the other plugin. For example, Roland needs internet, UAD needs a cloud, others need an ilok dongle and these are just a few examples. It would have been nice if someone had said there is nothing negative about Arturia or that Blue 3, Halion and Omnisphere are absolutely safe to play live. But since there are obviously no such plugins or nobody wanted to recommend them, I thought of a different solution: For our 24 tracks, I create a second GigFile as a replacement with completely different plugins. I have some of these. The replacement does not have to be just as good, but only stored on a second laptop for absolute emergencies. That may be unprofessional, but it would give me a sense of security, even if absolute security does not exist. Maybe I’m just too scared.

But back to topic: You are the first to unconditionally recommend a plugin with TDR limiter: Thank you!

This is an almost philosophical issue:

  • You ALWAYS will find reports of problems with ANY plug-in.
  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to say that a plug-in NEVER will fail and it is ABSOLUTELY safe. How long would you need to test to be sure ABSOLUTELY? Infinitely!

So it is all about REASONABLE testing and confidence: Which of my plug-ins work stable in my setup, by repeated and repeated testing during preparing and rehearsal BEFORE you go on stage. And which not. Then get rid of those which work not stable and keep the good ones with confidence. Then make a full software backup. The most unterrated safety measures are back-ups of tested stable systems. Don’t apply updates too often unless you need to solve probems or need new features. Then test again.

If you want recommendations: In my rig I have:
Omnisphere 2
NI Kontakt 6
HalionSonic 3
4Front Truepianos
Cherry Audio Elka-X
Superwave Tarkus
FabFilter Pro Q3 / Pro MB / Pro-R
TDR Limiter.

No crashes except those with corrupt RAM. Since two years during many rehearsals and many live gigs. So I would recommend them. But is this a warranty they won’t fail sometimes somewhere somehow?

However, I understand what your point is. If you would like to do so as you do, go ahead. To have a backup system is clever and professional. Guitar players do so. But which hobby keyboardist has a Kronos or a Nord Stage 3 in spare with him all the time, besides real pros?

I have to confess, that I carry my old laptop with the outdated Brainspawn Forte under Win7 with me when we go to gigs. Because I just have it and it still works. But never needed it up to now.
I could play 2/3 of the actual setlist with my band with it. Different host, different laptop, different OS, but guess what, almost the same plug-ins for the sounds. I would trust these plug-ins more than the OS or the laptop itself. EDIT: And I trust GP more than Forte.

OK, I think this has moved far away from the TDR limiter, now. So in case, let’s continue by PM.

You can try out D16 Frontier.

If you register at D16 group it is a free plugin.
Has a really nice sound (if you do not drive it too hard it stays very transparent), but you don’t have that much control as in the TDR 6 GE.

But it is less than half the latency than the TDR (146 vs 360 samples)!!

ohh, you are missing out on something:
TDR has a low Latency mode !
it reports here 26 samples. Thats 0.5mSec.

Thats why i would not want to miss out on the TDR :wink:

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That’s it!

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