Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Limiter 6 GE $9.99

Nice price on this.


anybody knows how much latency this one has ?
Limiters seem to be problematic in this regard.
Some more some less.
The feature set sound interesting on this one

It has different processing options. The ‘Low Latency’ mode takes it down to 14 samples, with trade-offs.

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Great deal!
I use the TDR Limiter 6 GE in a global rackspace as final plug-in for my stereo sum before it goes to FOH.
Some gentle compression, a peak limiter and a final soft clipper, to provide consistently powerful sounds to FOH without the danger of transient peaks and distortion, even with extreme sound sample FX. Running in low-latency mode with 14 samples = 0.3 ms. If you max it out there is inevitably some small audible artifacts but much less compared to a clipping audio in at a digital FOH desk.

I have tried many low-latency limiters for this purpose for years, and this one is definitely the best!

Attached is my preset file for GP4. (2.7 KB)


Thanks for the feedback ! i took the chance :wink:

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It’s currently selling for 30 Euro (US $33) when you buy directly

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A standard Channel Strip like the AMEK 9099 (currently on sale for 39$) provides an EQ and Compressor and Limiter in one plugin.

Are there any special needs or requirements to use a dedicated Limiter and not a Channel Strip???