Sampletank4 tuning disaster

After some years I had the first serious issue with gigPerformer during a gig. Using last version 4.8.2.
And it was a real disaster… I have a strange piano sound with a lot of modulation programmed using Sampletank4. It is necessary for intro and several repeats for “Ashes to ashes” song by David Bowie.
I am sure some of the guys here know what I mean.
I checked everything few days before during rehearsals, no problem at all.
During the live gig that piano sound was horribly tuned down and I wasn’t able to change on the fly.
I have a video and it is really awful… Sigh.
I immediately sent the bug report to IK Multimedia, and after their answer I am trying to reproduce.
I found that Sampletank4 has a Macro page with 8 parameters.
The gig file of that night loads Sampletank putting zero to all these 8 parameters, one of them is TUNING, and this is the source of the disaster. Because the right tuning is at 50 position (in the middle).
If I try to reproduce the bug using a clean gig with only that song, exported from the original gig, I am not able to reproduce the bug. Sampletank4 macros are loaded correctly and it sounds right.
If I load the original gig file the error is still there, Sampletank is loaded with all macros to zero, so the tuning is wrong.
I am trying to load here the original gig file, of course.
Sorry, it is huge (many songs in our possible setlist).
Many thanks too all the guys who can help…

Derby Mates corrupted.gig (7.1 MB)

When you load that gig file and correct the macro and save the gig file and load it again, what happens?

There is no magic here — SOMETHING had to have changed between your rehearsal and your show.

Why wasn’t it doing this during your rehearsal then? To repeat, something had to have changed.

I am testing just now.
If I open Sampletank4, puts everything in order, or even reload the patch, save the gig file, go to another song, go back to “Ashes to ashes”, the tuning is wrong.
So the macros are not saved saving the gig!

I fully agree, something must has changed.
But it is behaving wrongly also now. I am here at my desk at home, using RigManager to play with my digital piano and the error is still happening!

Something is different between the rehearsal and the concert.
During rehearsal I use only one midi controller (NI Kontrol S 61 mkII)
During concert I use two keyboards, adding a Yamaha YC73.
I have a “double gig file” approach to use a one keyboard setup and two keyboard setup.
Of course now I am trying to catch the bug with the version that had issues, the two keyboards gig file.
Obviously the one keyboard version is behaving correctly, I am not checking it…

One thing I always do to protect against midi controllers/keyboards sending midi CCs to plugins is to block midi CCs in the settings of the midi in blocks in my rackspaces. If I want a midi controller CC to control something, I create a widget for that rackspace to respond to that CC and control the plugin directly.

I had an issue where my Kronos would send out CCs that would affect plugins in strange ways because the midi in blocks were passing on the messages.

I don’t have Sampetank, so I can’t check out your gig-file.
However I can tell, that I had similar issues while testing the Arturia Piano V2 long time ago (and also rediscovered with other instruments from time to time):

I put MIDI filters before the input of these plugins and just block everything besides Note on/off, Sustain and some really needed and ‘safe’ controllers. Never had any trouble since then again …

Your gig-file forwards everything from he MIDI input to the plugin. You also could check if these macro parameters are mapped to any MIDI controller…

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Good suggestion. I will use it.
But I am seeing the bug just now with my digital piano and there are no CC working, so I think this is not the case.

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Have you used the midi monitor to see if any CCs are being sent by your controllers?

True. You are right.
But again, I am testing now, no mapping present.
No CC working, bug is there, after a song change the macros go to zero…

Are the macros mapped to widgets or any scripting?

No widgets, no scripting

When you correct tha macros and export as a GP preset and load that preset does that work?

Any snapshots taken in the song part?

There’s no mapping in GP needed: if your Keyboard (or any other MIDI controller) sends for some reason MIDI controllers to GP, and GP does not map them to a widget they get forwarded to the plugin - therefore the MIDI filter…
I see a lot of OMNI inputs in your file…

Does this happen also when you are in rackspace view and switch the rackspace by without using your controller keyboard?

I am getting all the hints written here. yes, everyone is fully right.
In the meantime I still don’t understand what is happening just now.
MIDI monitor ON, no CC arriving.
And trying to catch something while loading the gig file and restarting GP.

What is the name of the song where you face the issue?