NI Kontakt and library updates/reinstall


maybe slightly off-topic here, but maybe worth to share and discuss experience?!

As I’m just new to NI Kontakt universe I was wondering how you deal with the stock stuff, your purchasings and how you handle updates :thinking:

As I’ve seen in Sampletank4 tuning disaster - #5 by Furio where @Furio described a problem I made the following experience (which gots nothing to do with his problem…):

I was loading his gig file and Kontakt reported missing content: Factory Library 1.2 is missing on my machine. Which is OK, as I have version 2 installed, and not get offered previous versions by Native Access.

However, this brings me to the point: what happens when I need to migrate/update in the future, and let’s say NI offers Factory Library 3 at this point? Will I still have access to the old library by Native Access? Or do I need to take care by myself and backup the library folder(s)?

How did NI handle this in the past? Any experiences from long time users?

In native Access the old factory library is still available


I agree with Paul. Kontakt has always the full library available, old and new. I think it’s better to ask support to NI

Yup. I have: Kontakt 5, Kontakt (which is for v6; weird), Kontakt 7, Factory Library, Factory Library 2, Factory Selection and Factory Selection 2 in Native Access. I assumed that the two Selection libraries were subsets of the full Factory Libraries, so didn’t install them.

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I added a user tag for that one to make it easier to distinguish

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[Not directed to the OP]: Do they show as separate libraries Library Tab in Kontakt?

Regarding the OP’s specific issue, I think I have had this happen in Kontakt many times. Like Paul suggested, go into Native Access and find that library. You might need to point it to the right folder (maybe something happened while installing version 2)? But, you can get this sorted out in Native Access


Hm, I have no option to download the factory library v1.x in Native Access. Maybe because I just purchased Kontakt (Komplete Standard 14) end of last year?!
I can see various license keys in my NI account - also for 3rd party I used in the past with Komplete Start / Kontakt Player some years ago. However the libraries are not listed.

I think I will contact NI to get more information.

How? Where? In Native Access? Or are you taking about in GP? I uninstalled v5 and v6, so I only see v7 in the plugins list.

He’s talking about the User Keywords feature in the Plugin Manager → Plugin Manager

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