Remotely control Song Master and play songs from its playlist

In this gig file you’ll find the Global rackspace panel and the Global rackspace script demonstrating how OSC can be used to control and interact with Song Master.

It’s essentially the same as the one that is built from scratch in this live stream:

In this version, added are two buttons that allow you to navigate Song Master’s playlist (Prev/Next) and another button that allows you to select a Song in the Gig Performer’s Setlist and have Song Master load and play that song.

The only requirements are that you have added an OSC Target named “Song Master” to Gig Performer’s OSC Setup → “Manage OSC Targets…” dialog; and you have created a playlist in both Song Master and Gig Performer with songs named the same.

Also, if you want to use the Mute and Solo Vocals buttons, you need to “Generate Stems” and “Save Stems” in Song Master.

Download: Song Master.gig (217.5 KB)