Song Master - Great for practicing cover band musicians

Hi all,
I just wanted to share my excitement about Song Master from @aurallysound

Maybe already known to many of you, I was pointed to this only recently.
Not really a plugin, but a very helpful tool for cover band musicians to practice songs along to audio.

It does everything for practicing I have done until now with NI Traktor. Pitching of songs for the band tuning, looping of several bars to practice along, slow down for difficult parts etc, but much slicker and stripped down for this very purpose. Exactly what I need as cover band musician.
The AI chord and song part analyzer is very neat to check one’s own ears, and with a little adjustment, a saved song is a kind of a leed sheet if once you forget the tunes or song structure. I don’t use or write any other paper leed sheets, and sometimes after a while I forget some chords or song structure. Now I have found my perfect solution for both practiciing and documentation.

For those who don’t know there is a Backstage episode and there are some other topics for mutual control of Gig Performer and Song Master:


Well, I like Song Master very much and I use it for now for each of the new songs we play. What I really appreciate is the possibility to define bars, song part and chords for the whole song and to be able to separate the tracks and mix them to better hear my keyboard part.

But, don’t ask me what I think from the AI chord analysis… :confused: for a chance I still have my ears :smirk:. Regarding the song part analysis, same conclusion to me. It works a bit better for the bars and beat analysis. But it has also to be revisited after an automatic analysis.

I would also like to better understand how I could cut and paste the corrected chords of a verse to another verse of the song. :thinking:

But despite what doesn’t work very well for now, I also like this app very much. :+1:


I use it and like it a lot also. It’s far from perfect with chords and song sections, but easy enough to correct them.

I’d really love it in a VST form, with separate outs for each stem.


Even though the chords aren’t exactly perfect, they are close enough to give you a general tonality idea…they just need a little inverting. :thinking: :+1:


When i downloaded the Song Master OSC Gig File it shows up as a Gigastudio file. I have Translator installed on my computer which might be causing this

I was able to open the Gig file in GP despite it displaying as a Gigastudio file. Song Master is really good!

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I’ve been using Amazing Slow Downer for many years and am interested in upgrading to this app. Any ASD owners who’ve made the switch over?

I’ve enjoyed ASD for years. I’m now using SongMaster with very pleasurable results. It’s like having ASD on steroids++.

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Looks interesting. Purchased, downloaded and installed. Nice little treat to kick off the New Year!


I generally use Chordify, or for better results, Moises. Most stuff is on Ultumate Guitar, but there are so many incorrect tabs on there (even the official ones have wrong chords listed)

Thank you, I’ll check this out

I just tested for chord recognition: not bad, but far from perfect. It seems that AI chord recognition is not easy. :wink:

One thing I’ll try is recording a solo piano piece with some big chords and see if it recognizes the chords better with only one instrument playing.Neuratron has a program called Audioscore which transcribes audio. I tried the demo with interesting results.Not ready for prime time yet but has potential.I really like Song Master irregardless

@Angel, thanks for bringing this software back to the forefront. I had never heard of it before, but after reading your post and watching the Gig Performer video with the creator of Song Master, I purchased it.

It’s a FANTASTIC tool for the musician’s toolbox, especially for us folks to our “cover” versions of popular tunes. :smile:


Version 2.0 of Song Master just released 01/10/2023 see Song Master website


New update… Version 2.0 of Song Master is available!


Just downloaded it. :smile:

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Indeed I just received this. Very good news :+1:

Version 2.0 of Song Master is available!

We’ve been hard at work improving thebeat detection and chord recognitionalgorithms along with a number of other improvements and fixes.

Some of the new features and improvements are:

The new Beat Detection algorithm is more accurate, works better across genres and varied instrumentation (i.e. with and without drums), and is better able to adapt to changes in tempo.

The improved Chord Recognition algorithm is more accurate and able to recognize more chord types. Song Master now recognizes the following chord types: 1, 5, maj, min, aug,
dim, sus4, sus2, 7, maj7, min7, maj6, dim7, hdim7, maj9, min9, 9, b9, #9, minmaj7, min11, 11, #11, maj13, min13, 13, b13, plus several inversions that are specialized. When combined with 12 roots, it is capable of recognizing 420 chords!

We’ve also improved the Auto Pitch function to work better when songs are considerably out of tune. We’ve made it easier to modify the current time signature by clicking the time signature displayed in the Control Bar. There is a new button that will re-run all the analyzers (useful to take advantage of the new and improved algorithms). Plus many more improvements and fixes.

For a complete list, please view the release notes on our website.