[Non-English] Gig Performer videos in different languages

I watched terrific videos on Youtube that are not in English. So, I thought that it may be a great idea to have a dedicated thread for such videos. I suppose that people will like to hear reviews, etc. in their mother language :slight_smile:

I’ll start with this solid video in Portuguese (from Brazil):

In this video Marcelo Gesualdi talks about moving from Apple and MainStage to Windows and Gig Performer.

It has also a subtitle in Portuguese - activate the CC feature on Youtube.
Afterward, you can use the auto-translate feature and translate the CC (say) into English.

Feel free to add non-English Gig Performer videos if you stumble upon them.



Here’s a video in Italian from Paolo Gambino:

Thanks @Furio for suggesting him Gig Performer :beers:

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A video in German. The topic is - scripting:


Ask @jazzundso if you want to have more in German :wink:


I like German in that video very much. It is very clear - I understood everything.


Wow. I forgot that I made a video on GP Script!

Here are more videos in the same series (in German), I did them with Gig Performer 2 (2018) so they’re not really up-to-date but everything shown in the video should work fine with Gig Performer 4 as well.


Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/oyabun851111/videos

This channel (in Chinese) provides many amps demos (Ignite, Audority, …), all hosted on Gig Performer!

Of course, there are other topics, too. Here’s an example with Gig Performer and Touch OSC:

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Here’s something from Korea!

Migration from Forte to Gig Performer.

Lots of content on the channel is built around Gig Performer:

Guitar sounds on keys:

Gig Performer Live: