Stepan Kobyakin

Stepan is a keyboard player, composer and graphic designer working in Ponta Delgada, the largest municipality of the Autonomous Region of the Azores in Portugal.

His DAW of choice is Cubase and a plugin host for live performance - Gig Performer. Check out his live setup in this video:

In this video in Portuguese you can see some of his rackspaces and touch-screen usage:

NB: For Portuguese speakers - Marcelo Gesualdi from the YouTube channel Metamúsica did a really good job exploring Gig Performer and covering many great topics and use cases. Click here to learn more.

Stepan covers many great heavy metal bands such as Children of Bodom or does covers in the heavy metal style.

Here is an example: Freestyler - Azorean Collab Cover

Check out more videos on his Youtube channel.



Nice song:


Very good band also!!

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