Mikko Patama

Mikko Patama is a young and versatile musician and educator and the keyboardist of the Finnish progressive rock band Jupu Group.

Mikko has over ten years of professional experience specializing as a synthesizer and keyboard player in all kinds of bands and projects. As an educator Mikko can help you not only with music theory, but also with your rig setup:

I can also help you choose your instruments, whether it be hardware synthesizers or software controlled via a MIDI keyboard, or even both, depending on your budget and needs. I personally currently gig with a hybrid setup combining various hardware keyboards and Gig Performer 4.

Mikko was a guest in an episode of Backstage with Gig Performer. The initial live stream is available on Facebook, but for YouTube is recorded another stream:

Jupu Group was a somewhat typical Finnish prog band, as most bands in Finland (in the 70’s) played some form of jazz-rock/fusion. The band was based around the violinist Juhani “Jupu” Poutanen (hence the name Jupu Group). Watch the live stream to learn more about this band and see Mikko playing.

In this thread you can see Mikko performing three sets with a Finnish 80s themed cover band called Miami Vibes:

And in this thread learn more about his setup with the Jupu Group:

Mikko is also a creator of two beautiful gig files available for download in the Gig and Rackspace files category:

Check out these gig files this thread and this thread.

More information:


Mojo :sunglasses: - or just the HW version of the VB3-II :crazy_face:

Yeah, having had the VB3 for many years it was an easy transition :slightly_smiling_face: But actually one of the biggest selling points for me was the E.P. section. It may not compete in realism with pricier sample based offerings like Keyscape, but playing feel wise it has propably the most addictive rhodes and wurlitzer sounds I’ve ever owned. They are so responsive and inspiring to play! I had a Nord Stage years ago and IMHO it didn’t come even close (even though Nord’s are still really good instruments for live, I’m still gigging with my trusty Nord Wave!). It’s a shame the piano is pretty bad, there are so many gigs I would do just with the Mojo if I was satisfied with the piano sounds…
And being able to skip the Pipe and Combo sections would be really handy when switching on the fly from organ to rhodes during a gig.

Thank you for this honour, @npudar!