1980s themed party in Helsinki

Greetings fellow musicians!
My first post here!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of performing three sets with a Finnish 80s themed cover band called Miami Vibes. This was my second gig with this lineup and my fourth gig using GigPerformer (I used to gig with Mainstage since 2009 and occasionally with Ableton Live since 2019).

I usually like to combine hardware sounds with software synths, and for this kind of gig the perfect setup for me was:
DSI Prophet Rev2,
Crumar Mojo 61 (mostly as a controller)
For plugins I had my “usual 80s-suspects” TAL-U-No-LX2, TAL-J-8, Arturia CS-80V (Africa!), NI FM8, Valhalla Vintageverb and Delay.

Overall very stable setup, even with my relatively “old” MBP 2015 with just 8Gb of RAM, CPU-meter just barely hitting 20%.

The only last-minute change I needed to make was replace a couple of UVI Workstation sounds with other plugins since UVI crashed my system during the soundcheck and rehearsals (this has been happening occasionally and very unpredictably, sometimes I can go weeks without a crash).


Welcome to forum and the GP family :wink:

Could you please post a crash report next time that happens.

I certainly will, sorry for not doing it earlier! Busy months…
I now checked the UVI website and found out they have finally released a VST3 version of their plugin (I had previously updated not more than a month ago, only AU and VST2 -versions available back then), I hope this’ll solve the problem. I’ve been having some weird UVI-bugs with other hosts as well, I’ll do some stress-testing with the newest version before next gigs.

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Been lurking around in the forums for a while already but now I finally remembered to take a rig-photo before the show. Very nice to see an actual friendly user community during these days of rage-filled social media platforms.


Welcome @mikkopat tp our community and thank you for sharing this with us! :slight_smile:

Hello @mikkopat, thanks for this feedback and welcome to the GP community forum. :wink: