MIDI Footswitch

Any recommendations for a foot switch to control Gig Performer? Ideally something with multiple buttons/ switches to go up and down the set list but also to control widgets I have set up for different things in GP. One example might be to mute or unmute sounds or perhaps kick off an audio file playing.

The cheap solution is the McMillen Softstep. The expensive solution is the GT Mastermind.

I’m sure there are others in between


Have a look at this thread and you’ll find quite a few recommendations:


I’m using a Behringer FCB1010, but it may be too big for most. It has 10 buttons, and an up/down to switch banks (not used), and two pedals (not the best quality, but doing the job well, occasionally need calibrating).

Cost about 100-150 euro (new).


The benefit with Gig Performer is that per song (rackspace actually), you can (re)define the funcion of each button/pedal.


A compact and cheap one : Line6 FBV MKII Express



Yes, the FCB1010 has been around awhile and there are many upgrades and hacks. It you use the Tinybox upgrade you don’t even need the hardware (foot controller) - you can run it from your computer, iPad etc. This has been covered in detail over several years in the Community. Try the link below for a quick look.

It doesn’t get much cheaper than modifying a FCB1010. It’s built like a tank too, but the size and weight is also the main complaint although as noted you don’t even have to have the hardware with the Tinybox mod. The GT Mastermind is a lot fancier and visually easier to use but at $1900 for the 22 model you would hope so.

Behringer FCB1010 hardware mods - Hardware - Gig Performer Community


If you want to make it inexpensive, and have some of those good, old analog on/off foot switches laying around, I’ve been able, on my keyboard, to connect one of those to one of the keyboard’s Aux jack inputs, and use it to go to the next song/variation in my set list.

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Yes, absolutely. The FCB1010 can accommodate up to two of those as well.

Yes, but I did it without a MIDI footswitch at all.

I think this is the same type of thing. Originally for switching amps as I understand it but can be repurposed and reprogrammed with Tinybox. Not really sure, it’s just what I assume can be done from what I have read.

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I used an FCB1010 for a long time, but ultimately the form factor was a bit much for me.

I more recently switched to a Morningstar MC8, which I am a big fan of so far.

Here’s a photo of my VST pedalboard setup that uses it. I put an expression pedal on each side of it, and the three button controllers underneath it are used in my setup to bank switch through racks, variation, VST on/off, etc.

(I have Barefoot Buttons on all the switch tops because I’m usually playing at home in bare feet.)


Someone mentioned the M-VAVE Chocolate in a thread here one day so I looked it up and for $30 figured I would give it a shot. So far I really like it, It can run Bluetooth wireless or wired USB. It only has four switches but they can be configured in a lot of different ways including 4-banks of 8 programs changes for 32 PCs. It is programmed via Bluetooth. It also has an input jack for an expression pedal.

I don’t need a lot of buttons so for me it is perfect!


How stable is it on the floor, being that thin?

And; How do you connect it to GP? Is there an USB connector. Can’t see it in the spesification or pictures.

Some good details here:

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I love my Softstep 2! Each button can be a multi-function button/mini pedal combo. Ridiculously versatile and extremely lightweight and small as well!

It’s pretty stable I have had no issues with it moving around. It does have a USB-C connector that is used for charging and also can be a USB MIDI port. I’ve read some posts around saying it does not do usb midi but mine does. If using bluetooth on windows you need something like MIDIBerry to receive the midi and output it to a virtual port that GP sees.

Not sure why more software does not support bluetooth midi directly…


Hello, I’m new here so please bare with me :sweat_smile: I’ve managed to use my midi keyboard (I’m building a custom footswitch so the keyboard is just for tests) to turn on and off parameters in a rack. but Is there a way to make A-B selector, so that if the first plugin is “on” the second automaticaly “off”? Or could you please tell me how to switch racks with a footswitch (or midi keyboard)?

If you add widgets for each plugin’s Bypass parameter, you can create rackspace Variations that set the widgets to whatever combination you want. Your midi controller can then select different variations (either via up/down variation, or by sending specific PC messages).

Have you checked out the excellent manual?

BTW, welcome!


Read this tutorial: Gig Performer | How to change sounds and control plugins from your MIDI controller

If it’s only A-B then check the manual how widget grouping and value reversing works:

If it should be A_B_C_D… the search the forums for “radio buttons” - this will either require scripting or the installation of an extension.
Welcome aboard! :beers:

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