Behringer FCB1010 hardware mods

I just came across this interesting YT video (from 2014) that covers this guitarist’s hardware mods to his FCB1010.


This man put an UNO EPROM in his FCB1010 plus a few other mods like phantom power, all of which are part of the TinyBox upgrade. The TinyBox upgrade/mod expands it even further not only in terms of size but also makes it possible to run virtual emulations of the FCB1010 on a variety of devices without the need to even have the FCB1010 connected.

See the link here for the TinyBox description:

And here for a comparison chart for differences between UNO, UNO2 and TinyBox upgrades.

There is a lot of information on the FC1010 and various mods on this Forum. Searching for FCB1010 brings up 38 results and interesting reading if you like the Behringer FCB1010 hardware.