MIDI Footswitch

If you use a Keyboard you can use as well the lowest 2 keys to switch the variations,
I am doing it like this and it’s very comfortable!


Of course, if you have the time and are feeling very adventurous, I’ve come across this. I’m heavily considering purchasing and moving this direction.

Making Music with Arduino - The Nerd Musician (musiconerd.com)



This course indeed looks quite tempting… if you should do this, please report your thoughts. :beers:

@schamass , I will. I’ve had a couple of ideas kicking around in my head for a few years I’d like to build since I can’t find a device exactly like what I want. I’d also like to build a replacement for my Novation Launch Control Mini with JUST the functionality I need and in a slightly smaller box.


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A nice setup. I have an MC6 MKII - the “junior” model of the MC8. Very capable. BTW, where do you find the 3 button foot switches?

I got mine from American Loopers. There are different versions for different applications, but I believe the first one listed on the web page I linked is for the MC3/6/8. It will say in the description.

Thank you. I will look it up.

Outch! It’s expensive to dress up the pedalboard! You can almost buy a GP license for that price. But I guess the quality is impeccable.

Since nobody else has mentioned this footswitch controller, the XSonic AIRSTEP is the one I use. It has 5 footswitch buttons, two expression pedal ins, two footswitch ins, Bluetooth, MIDI out, and USB.

It is programmable over Bluetooth with their app. Each footswitch can trigger up to 8 different messages, including MIDI note on/off, CC, MMC, etc. The switches can act in momentary or toggle/latched modes. You can have the triggers act on switch down, up, or long press. It has a rechargeable batter that lasts ~320 HOURS.

I use it as a way of getting expression control to a keyboard that doesn’t have an expression jack, next/prev song, and next/prev song part. Other things I trigger from controls on my keyboard controller or other MIDI controllers like my LaunchPad or LPD8.

You can store up to 5 configurations in the device and switch between them with Bluetooth, or using commands configured on the footswitches. I only use one right now per gig, but I bet guitar players would love that flexibility especially. I use the Bluetooth connection to my MBP, which saves me from one more wire to worry about at a gig. Since it is rechargeable and the charge lasts for nearly 2 weeks, you can be entirely wireless. It’s built tough with an all metal case.


So thanks for all the replies. I ended up going with the Nektar Pacer. 10 fully programmable buttons and inputs for expression pedals. Very solidly built. Im quite happy with it!

With a bit of work, you can set the switch LEDs on the Pacer to have bidirectional sync with the widgets. Very useful when you switch rackspaces and it updates the Pacer’s LED’s to match the new rackspace.

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Details anywhere?

I haven’t got exact steps written up, but the main discussion I started on the Pacer is here: