How to route audio and MIDI on Windows and macOS [resources]

In this thread I’ll compile relevant blog articles and videos on how to route audio and MIDI on Windows and macOS.

What applications to use to route MIDI?

  • macOS has a nice built-in feature called IAC (Inter-app Communication) that allows you to connect MIDI applications together and communicate with each other.
  • Windows doesn’t have this feature built-in, but there are third-party applications like LoopMIDI (free) and LoopBe (free)

What applications to use to route audio?

  • On macOS you will typically use Blackhole (free), Loopback or JACK (free)
  • Windows users will use VB-Cable, JACK or VB-Matrix (free).

Here are some resources where these applications are mentioned:

  • Using Loopback to send audio from one application to another → blog
  • How to send audio from Gig Performer To Logic using Loopback on macOS → YouTube
  • Recording your Gig Performer performance with a DAW (Blackhole) → blog
  • How to leverage other DAW’s proprietary plugins from Gig Performer (Blackhole, IAC driver) → blog
  • How to use a single client ASIO driver with multiple applications on Windows → blog
  • Old article but helps to understand how to use VB-Cableblog
  • How to synchronize Gig Performer tempo to external MIDI clock or Link enabled products (IAC driver, LoopBe) → blog
  • How to set up live streaming using OBS, Gig Performer and JACKblog
  • VB-Matrix → community
  • System Audio Bridge → LINK

Blackhole video:

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