[blog] How to create keyboard and velocity splits

Here’s a new blog article: Gig Performer | How to create keyboard and velocity splits

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More tips/useful info

[1] “Using splits directly on your keyboard controller, could even be dangerous and lead to stuck notes.” - LINK

[2] “In the variations I have Widgets which filter Note On for MIDI In Blocks I am not using in this variation. So no need for changing split points or Midi channels.” - LINK

[3] Going between splits and two keyboards - LINK


Here are some examples of visualizing your keyboard splits in the Panels view:

Link1: My solution for organisation
Link2: Alex's rackspaces

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A sample rackspace where you can flexibly set which sound will be played from which keyboard. Since the author of the linked gig file has only one keyboard connected, he used a split point to “simulate” a lower and a upper keyboard. → LINK

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Learn more here.

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