My solution for organisation

Hi all, this is my solution to knowing where I have mapped everything in gig performer. Its quite basic but does what I want it to.


Maybe you can export that panel and attach it here :innocent:

RADIO GA GA rackspace.rackspace (4.3 MB)


Thanks! I moved this to “Shared rackspaces”.

// The only thing I noticed is the missing file in the Audio File Player.

not sure what’s happened there

Hello there fellow Queen-player :smiley: Nice setlist! (I’m also playing all of those songs tonight and tomorrow here in Finland).
That’s one neat looking rackspace design! Your MIDI-split solution on Radio Gaga looks almost identical to mine (I’m just too lazy for actual vocoder-stuff, launching that phrase from a sample pad). Seeing those splitpoints in the setlist-mode looks very handy, in projects where you have plenty of splits happening it sure is awkward when you forget where everything is after a long break from gigging.

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Yeah hi, I place the samples on the nearest key to what im playing to make it easy as on this occasion for Radio Ga Ga it comes in on the Bb, so its easy to reach and having the panel in front of me colour coded adds a little extra security incase I have a mental block in my old age, Happy giving my friend

Love it Stevie!

thanks Mike