What's YOUR favorite announced new feature in GP4?

Similarly @GagoC asked on the topic…

Upssss does not allow uploading .mid files

Simply do a .zip file…
or link to dropbox or google drive :wink:

To answer the main question from my point of view:

  • the feature i will use most often: undo
  • the feature i consider the most powerful: global rackspace

But there is so much more to look forward to…


hmmm, … i guess i have to change my vote.
Global rackspace will be super welcome,
but the most powerful in the long run will be “for me” the individual midi CC “curvature mapping” capabilitys! ( i forgot the correct wording)

it will allow for immensly powerful morph setups, to control a whole bunch of parameters just with one knob or one foot pedal.
this will turn into something *** immensly *** powerful, … by investing the needed time for exploration, and to setup and map the things.

playing acoustic instruments, the articulation capabilitys is built into the instrument.
In electronic music making is doing morph controls a big door that can and does unleash much of the real power of electronic sound “generation”.
( having the control of morph FX in mind at first place. but thats just me )

I’ve been waiting for this Global Rackspace from the day I bought GP3. I use a small set of VSTi (B3, Rhodes, Acoustic Piano) in nearly 80% percent of my rackspaces/songs and memory usage as well as startup/loading times will increase every time I add a new rackspace/song. So great idea, I’m very excited about this!

But why not let multiple Rackspaces be something like a sub rackspace capable of being included in the other main rackspaces? And why not let rackspaces include sub rackspaces including other sub rackspaces… ? Doesn’t it make sense at least up to a depth of two or three levels? Why are you stopping on this path after making the first step?

But finally one question: Does the global Rackspace support audio input and output only or also midi? Also up to 64 in and out like with audio?

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I just read about some other new features like undo and others, very welcome! Can’t wait doing the upgrade!

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