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Is there a way to easily or automatically open the Song Lyric/Chord view? There’s no keyboard shortcut listed in the menu. The manual says that it’s Cmd-H for Mac, but that just seems to hide Gig Performer. I checked the GPScript List of Functions and GPScript documentation and didn’t find anything.

Here’s the scenario. I press Play on my pedal and the MIDI Player starts. I forgot the lyrics. I look at my monitor and I forgot to open the Lyrics view. I also forgot to wear pants. No… that was a childhood nightmare. Let’s just say I’m forgetful.

My keyboard is in front of me. I could open the Song Lyrics/Chords view, except there is no shortcut. I could have the MIDI file send a message that opens the view, but I haven’t been able to find the command. Actually, both would be great. A programmatic way for a well-sequenced performance and a shortcut for practicing, before the whole thing is refined.

Anything available today? If not, I’ve provided the use case/scenario and will leave the solution space to the developers.

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You could make a widget to System actions/lyrics window. I’d put it in the global rackspace.

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I’ve just tried on Windows and Ctrl+H works → Song Lyrics/Chords Editor is shown.
On Mac it should be Cmd+H. Can you please try once again?

I didn’t see a parameter for opening views in the System Actions plugin. There is a Song Lyrics/Chord offset (which works as advertised), but it doesn’t open the window or put it on top. Did I miss something?

I am using the Lyrics/Chords display only for a few songs.
With little scripting the window is shown/closed when the rackspace is activated.

@npudar - I tried it again. It hides the front window. It seems that Apple preempts it as a system command. I’m not sure if this is recent. I’m using Big Sur.

I checked the preferences, and Cmd-H is reserved by the OS. There is no user option not to use it.

I looked in the scripting documentation and didn’t find the function to open/close a window. Please let me know the function and I should be able to take it from there. :slight_smile:

My Mac is not with me right now, can somebody with a Mac check this Cmd+H?

According to @JonFair’s link, there are other shortcuts that are the same as in GP (Cmd+M, Cmd+P, … ). Do they work in GP as intended?

Here are GP’s ones: Keyboard shortcuts

Opening Songs/Lyrics Editor via external controller

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@pianopaul - Thanks. It’s working. :slight_smile: Like somebody in the other thread, I was looking for the word “lyrics”, rather than chordpro.

I put a Scriptlet in the Global Rackspace that is triggered by CC20, which is what I use in my MIDI files to set song parts. I might refine it to only trigger on a value of 0, which would indicate that I’m starting a song. (If the song is going and I manually hid the window, there’s probably a reason for it.)

Simple and effective. Thanks!

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Confirming that CMD+H is a reserved shortcut for hiding an application’s window, so does not work to display the Song Lyrics/Chords window.


Also evident as the Song Lyrics/Chords menu item does not display a shortcut:

Others are ok. The only one I found that was incorrect in the Documentation was the fullscreen shortcut.

It is CTRL+Option+F in GP. The usual shortcut in other apps is CTRL+Command+F.

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Meh — that’s just the default keyboard shortcut and you can redefine it to whatever you want! See screenshot. When you change it to something else (just for GP in this case), then CMD-H will show the chordpro view as expected

Cool. I entered the alternative shortcut for hiding Gig Performer exactly as above, and it works as expected. In addition, I added a scriptlet that opens the Song Lyrics/Chords view whenever I set a song part from the MIDI Player. This means that I can use the shortcut when I’m in compose/development mode, and it would be automatic in performance mode.

I’m thinking of putting a Song Lyrics/Chord CC command into my MIDI files. I can then use that to force open the view. No need to open it when I set no offset.

Thanks all!

Maybe reassigning the System shortcut works. But I’ve found I can’t add a new shortcut to a GP menu item (that doesn’t currently have a shortcut).

No, but you can define keystroke sequences that trigger GP Script functions. Gives you quite a bit of capability.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to again hide the Lyrics/Chord Pro window after you have it displayed via CMD-H (Mac)?

Would be nice to easily toggle that on or off with keyboard shortcuts depending on the song.

You can use CMD+Shift+W to close the currently active (non-plugin) window, in your case Lyrics/Chord Pro window.

Alternatively, you can use a button widget in the Global rackspace, that will toggle this window (can also be MIDI mapped, like any other button widget).

Give the button the GPScript name ''BUTTON" in the Widget Properties Advanced tab, and then paste the below code into the Global Rackspace Script Editor (Window menu). Click Compile at the bottom before closing the script editor window.

var BUTTON : Widget

On WidgetValueChanged (newValue : double) from BUTTON
  if newValue == 1.0 then

I’m having trouble getting this to work.
I also can’t find the Global “Assignment” in System Actions List for Rackspace Widget.
Simple Gig file for testing included.

ChordProTest.gig (112.6 KB)

Do you want to open Chord Pro Window by Pressing the widget in the local rackspace?