Opening Songs/Lyrics Editor via external controller

As my goal is not to have a computer keyboard (if so only for emergency use) on stage, and control everything via touchscreen / external controller, I was wondering if it is possible to open/close lyrics/chord editor via script or midi event.
I see that with scripts I can act on keystroke events, but I can’t create keystroke events (for as far as i found).
It would be great if I’m able to open/close lyrics/chord editor via a keypress on my Behringer X-touch for example.

There’s a GPScript function called ShowChordProWindow(show: Boolean ) so you could just implement a GPScript MIDI callback that responds to a key on your X-touch and then calls that function.


I searched in the Script documentation with the keyword Lyric, and could not find anything (As the window is called Lyrics/Chords editor). But its great that function is there indeed. So my problem is solved.