Van Halen "1984" sweep synth and string sound

This a bit related to # New OB-Xa V released by Arturia

Does somebody have an OB-Xa plugin with the exact same sweep synth and string sound used by Van Halen in “1984” (the title of the intro of “Jump”)?

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The new Obsession from Synapse has a preset called “Jump Higher” — might be it

This probably the Jump synth brass sound that I already have.

Does this help?

I usually search for these settings on yt before trying out myself :sweat_smile:

I have seen this one yesterday just before going to sleep, but I am not sure it can bring you to the right result. Not sure if it covers every parameters and there is this fine tuning part where you cannot see exactly what the guy is doing. But I will try it, thanks!

I confirm it is not enough to get the right result. But, I start to understand how the my OB-Xa plugin works… regarding the sweep sound, everything is in the VCF control.

I used Obession (Preset Jump Higher GW) this way and I like the sound.
Important, I used some kind of EQ and the routing is very important!
The original sound comes more from the left and the reverb effect more from the right.
Also the reverb is little bit delayed, so you get some additional movement of the sound.

I haven’t tried it out myself, but it seemed a good starting point to further tweaking.
I’m just not that good a synth-geek to figure out exactly what’s going on, but with a good head start…

Yes, what I have for the moment is in the good direction, at this point I need to ear the record at the same time for “fine tuning”. But, without comparing with the original, it sounds quite close…

Finally, is this the Jump brass sound or the “1984” sweep sound I am looking for together with the string sound?

Can you post a YouTube tube link and the position you are looking for?

The YouTube link posted by @Dick above starts with the sounds I am looking for…

Maybe that helps

Don’t forget that a lot of processing was probably done during the mixing process in the studio

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Yes, reberb, delay, additional chorus/flanger

Yes, thanks this is the first one I watched. But, it is also doesn’t cover all the settings. But, starting from one of my preset sweep sounds, I made a mix of the two YouTube videos, and with some tuning I came to a honorable result. Next step will be a fine tuning using the record.

Yes of course, it is not easy to get the exact same sound, but at least I am in the right direction.

Now I’m curious what your end-result will be…!
You use the Arturia OBXa for this?

I am quite short in time these days, but as soon as I am satisfied with my result I will try not to forget to post it here.

Regarding the VST I use it is not the Arturia:

I found an OP-X Pro II preset called “OBX closed sweep” which comes close to the 1984 sweep sound, but I think I am already closer with mine…

Built a sound with Syntronik