New OB-Xa V released by Arturia

Arturia released a new member of the V Collection, the OB-Xa V for 49€/$ if you already own the V Collection:

Bought it, sounds very good
…but it is a CPU monster when playing more than 1 note.

…and there is yet another OB-Xa VST announced by Synapse Audio!

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For the moment I use OP-X Pro II which is quite OK regarding CPU usage, but some users already complained about reliability.

What about this one?

Using this regularly and enjoying it very much :blush:

I love it, sound-wise. I compared it to the Arturia OB-Xa and still find it superior.

Unfortunately there are sometimes issues with recalling presets and although this has been improved it still occurs in rare cases. That’s why I’m careful when using OP-X Pro II with GP…

Yes, I bought it because you adviced it to me and I really love it. The preset recall issue never happened to me, but I have to admit that because of issues experienced by others, I am a bit scared by this plugin… But what a sound!!!

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I still hesitate to buy it, even if i received an offer for upgrading to Collection V7 including the OB-Xa for 149€.
I own the collection V6 and i already had bought another CZ-plugin some months ago, so i am not really sure if the additional VSTs will be worth the money.

It’s a shame isn’t it? Maybe I should re-investigate. I’ve had very nice mail contact to the developer and he had changed some things but we didn’t figure out how to solve the issue completely I guess.

I’ll take another look at it!

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I own V7 and they proposed it to me for 49€, but I am still hesitating a bit…

There is a free IK Syntronik OXa here: