Using GP to create an unlimited guitar modeller

Ok, this is gonna be a mouthful for some, but bear with me. Im too excited with the unlimited possibilites in this, to not share some inspiration for whats possible with using GP as a live guitar player.

Using a MacBook Pro M1 pro with an AXE I/O one and Line6 FBV 3 midi controller, I have created a cheap guitar modeller/multieffect unit. It has real time midi control of all functions i choose, and ALL elements mapped to widgets, så EVERY parameter can be set and saved in different presets.

Here are some headlines:

100% unlimited routing flexibility. Every plugin is set up in parallel so there is 100% efficient spillover when activating and deactivating effects and amp routings.

More than 20 active plugins running in 1 rig, even not counting mixers: Plugins used:

  • Neural DSP, Archetype Rabea, several instances for correctly routed signal chain. Used for compression, fuzz, octaver, gate, transpose, amp section and synth module.
  • Neural DSP, Archetype Petrucci, Several instances for correctly routed signal chain. Used for wah, amps, and preamp effects.
  • ValhallaDelay x2 for 2 active delays pr preset.
  • ValhallaVintageVerb, x2 for 2 active reverbs pr preset.
  • ValhallaSuperMassive
  • ValhallaSpaceModulator.
  • MANY instances of ToneX for amp models. 4 mono amps, + 4 stereo amp setups. All active at the same time, and selective in each preset! Each stereo amp setup can be mixed with different balancing.
  • Neural Amp Modeller, for Stompbox drives captures. (I use a very nice KLON capture).
  • An isolated NeuralDSP Rabea Freeze section, with the possibilites for heavy modulated freeze, which can be live pitch shifted using midi, while playing over the top.
  • MODO drums section, for drums and live control using midi.
  • Nembrini Doubler.
  • Parallel Shimmer section.
  • Parallel Icicle section.

All this running in 1 instance, using about 35 – 45% CPU. Setup with 256 samples and 48khz. No crackling, and no latency issues. When opening GP, it takes 19 seconds to load it all up.

The small green button in every widget part, is for quick open/close plugin editor.

Only my own imagination sets the limits for what I can do. If i get an idea, i can make it. This setup has taken some time to make. The finish is not perfect, but it works, and i can find what i need.

Audio examples can get no better than my abilities to dial in a good tone, and play them. But anyway, here are som examples. All is recorded live, noodling around, in standard tuning. (Using the transpose feature sometimes.)

0:00 → 0:47 Ambient clean, with shimmer and octaver. Transposed 1 semitone down.

0:47 → 2:43 Freeze jam session, with midi pitch shift backing, and drums. Transposed 3 semitones down.

2:43 → 4:29 Driven fuzz sounds. Simple Freeze in backing.

4:29 → 4:50 Lead tone, mixed with synth slap back.

4:50 → 5:47 Lead tone, slightly fuzzed up, with ambient distant long decay reverb.

5:47 → 6:20 Stereo dual amp. Hi hain. Transposed -4 semitones.

I have used this playing live regularly for 6 months, never one single problem.

Im very excited! In the late 2000´s i had huge effect board, rack tube amps, Marshall JMP1, TC-electronics G-force etc. I stopped playing for 10 years (kids), and came back to start from scratch. I bought a Squier strat and a Headrush MX5, and was blown away with what that could do, and sounded like. I changed the pickups on the squier to a Mojotone HSS loaded pickguard, and was lusting after a Quad Cortex before coming up with creating this. Its MUCH cheaper, and so much fun setting up and use.

For your inspiration. Ask me anything!

Br Jesper.


I can just say - wow! :slight_smile:


Love this, looks great!

I have a very similar set-up which - one day, when I get around to it… - will pop a post up to show; interesting to see yours though as there are some different approaches to the same end goal. Just shows how flexible GP is!


Definitely a WOW! This is very cool, Jasper. Thanks for sharing the build and the example sounds.


Great sounds and playing! I just picked up Valhalla Delay and Vintage Verb and loving the sound and usability


The ValHalla plugins are exceptionel value. I was lured in, after i tried their free SuperMassive plugin. Honestly, one could do with that one alone for reverb and delay if on a tight budget.


Totally agree - I use ValhallaDelay and VintageVerb also and they are both incredible plugins. And still VV is still regularly updated! The latest Palace algorithm is very nice indeed :smiley:


Hello, what is the RTL you got and what sample rate/buffer size are you using? Thanks

Instant hardware registrations, buffer 256 samples, 48Khz.

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Fantastic. For me, GP is pretty much the tool I’ve always dreamed of, exactly because of things like this!


COOL! Great job on this.


Nice dude! Archetype Petrucci is a vital part of my rig. I run one instance right at the front of my signal chain just for the transposer because it’s the best polyphonic pitch shifter I’ve tried so far.

Have you had any issues with all of those widgets mapped to Neural DSP plugins causing latency when switching rackspace variations? I had a similar set up in my rig when I first picked up the plugin and I mapped almost every parameter to a widget because I could. But it was causing a 1-2 second delay when switching variations. I switched back to Helix Native for my effects and the problem went away. I wonder if that’s an issue that NDSP fixed in a plugin update :thinking:

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You should try the rabea transpose, it’s faster, and have more correct eq, imho.

No, I have mapped ALL parameters in widgets (including the outrageous number of synth parameters, lol). There is no delay when switching variations. It’s surprisingly fast actually.

If you want to share some of your nice-looking rackspaces, you can do it here: Shared rackspaces - Gig Performer Community

The official repository is here: Gig and Rackspace Files - Gig Performer Community

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If you put Bias FX in front of the amp you can use their guitar modeling to switch guitars as well. Needs one rack space for each Guitar, though.

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Thanks for the tip! Gonna check that out, never heard of it before…

You have a great tone and feel. Nice licks, and good choice of material for demo purposes. Thanks for sharing. By the way, are you using your modified Squire Strat on these demos. Maybe you can share a pic of your guitar. In my situation… 80% building still, and 20% playing. lol when all we wanted to do was play. Thanks again!

Thanks for your compliments. Yes, I used my squier on these recordings. Only guitar I have atm. :blush:

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Great stuff! compliments!
I have almost all of your plugin… I should give it a try!
BTW what are

  • Parallel Shimmer section.
  • Parallel Icicle section?

Is this gig file something you would want to share on the forum?