Guitar - No limits multieffect rackspace

The space described in this Thread:

Soundlab 3.4.gig (8.4 MB)

Let me know you need help. If you got any tips/ideas for the setup, im open for suggestions.

Edit: Updated UI. Link in comments.


Very interesting setup. Well done.

As an FYI, I think there are a few routing issues in the lower portion.
The Pre SpaceModulator Mixer, Post SpaceModulator Mixer, Post Reverb Mixer, and Post SuperMassive Mixer blocks all have wires running from output 3+4 to their respective effects, but inside those mixers both stereo pairs are routed to 1+2.

ScreenHunter 74 (01)

In the Post Isicles Mixer, there are wires running out of output 1+2, but inside that mixer both stereo pairs are routed to 3+4.

ScreenHunter 75

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Yeah, I use that trick some places, to make dead ends, so I can control via a widget to make a sound go through or not.

I know there are more rough edges like this, it’s not polished, which shows in the lower racks, where I just thrown widgets in to make presets saveable.

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The advantage of doing it this way, is opposed to let the plugin be turned on or off, it makes no “pop” sound. When the mixer just controls if the sound go through or not, that doesn’t happen…

I hope you understand.

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Yes, or course. So long as you are controlling the output selections then there is no issue here. I hadn’t had time to dissect the panels to see if there were widgets assigned to those parameters.

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Updated UI. Nicer and more tidy spacing. Panels updated and resized.

SoundLab 4.2.gig (9.0 MB)


This is superb work. I have just discovered GP and thishas really inspired me on how to think more out of the box with my routing. Can i ask how much RAM your M1 mac has?