TC Helicon Perform VK

I have a Tc Helicon Perform Vk and i cant get the midi from my keyboard (Nektar Impact Lx61+) to trigger the Perform VK.
There is only one midi out on the keyboard which is usb, and goes into my laptop. From here there is a usb c output that goes to a steinberg ur24c. I then have a midi lead going from midi out on the steinberg to the midi input on the Perform VK. In GP I have set up a midi connection. Impact lx61+ to midi out on the ur24c interface. Have.i done something stupid?
All i want to do is route the midi signal from the keyboard

to the Perform Vk so that it can read the notes I’m playing.

Add a midi monitor between the two of your input/output blocks to confirm the messages are coming in correctly.

Does the TC respond on all channels, or do you know what channel it is set to receive on? Have you had it respond successfully to midi messages in the past?

The TC uses ch1 which i also use for my global channel. It worked before when i had a different keyboard with two midi outs.

I have put a midi monitor inline and it is transmitting midi, but also transmitting midi off notes. So i turned that off. So midi is getting to the interface but no further.

Hopefully, why shouldn’t be so?

Why not?

If I remember well, our community member @bigalminal uses the TC Helicon Perform VK in his rig. Perhaps he could help you, if he is around…

I remembered well, we already addressed this topic here:

Yes, still around:).

I’ve since swapped the Perform VK for its big brother VL3 Extreme. I while I still had the Perform VK, I had a technician look at the midi ports in GP (options>Midi ports) because I could not get the VK to change harmony from a keyboard. From memory, I think I had the midi port to the Perform VK unticked. But it’s also important to install the correct drivers from the TC helicon site. I can highly recommend the technician that helped me. We used a remote Zoom linkup from the US to New Zealand. He has made amazing differences to the running of my system. He reads these pages, so could offer help. Otherwise, I can provide details if you contact me privately.

I would be very grateful for your help.
I have installed the drivers and i can see the VK in the lists in GP. But im blowed if i can work out how to virtually wire it in!

My technician has been notified. He is a wiz with midi and GP. Hopefully you will hear soon.

Thank you very much. Ive tried literally everything and cant get it to work.

Did it ever work and how ?

Yes it did, when i used a keyboard with 2 midi outs - a usb and a 5 pin. I connected the 5 pin directly from the keyboard to the VK and it worked perfectly.
I now use a keyboard with a single usb midi out, so am unable to use the same method.


There may be many other keyboards with two MIDI outs in this wide world… could you specify, which one you were exactly using, when all used to work? Maybe this additional information can help to catch this gremlin?

So is the problem that you can’t connect your VK to your computer? If so, have you tried using a MIDI DIN-USB interface?

I used a Novation Impulse 61. I now use a Nektar Impact lx61+

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I can connect to the computer. The usb midi out from the keyboard goes into the laptop. Connected to the laptop by usb c is my Steinberg UR24C sound card/midi interface. I then take a cable from the usb 5pin out on the UR24C to the input on the Perform VK.
Do i maybe not need to run it via GP at all?
There is no VK listed as a plug in in GP, although i do have midi blocks for either VK in or out.

Which is precisely what you do have — so I don’t understand the problem – why don’t you just connect a MIDI In block from your keyboard to a MIDI Out block to your VK?

What am I missing?

I’ve done that, and ive tried it with a midi meter in between. Its sending midi from the keyboard block to the VK block but its stil not guiding the harmony notes within VK, and the light that shows midi is being received on the VK is barely registering. Its like its receiving a very weak midi sgnal. Whe i had the old keyboard and it was connected directly, the midi indicator light shone very brightly when it received a signal.

can you upload a rackspace?

If your monitor is showing that GP is sending out the correct MIDI messages (I,e, the right notes on the right channels), then any other issues will be related to your physical MIDI interface and/or your VK

MIDI is not like audio where a meter could be dimmer or brighter depending on the audio level. MIDI messages are either sent or not sent, they don’t have levels.

Does your Helicon actually work, i mean “generally”… maybe it simply is broken?
Is it powered properly, i.e. with a dedicated power supply? Those “weak signals” sound somehow suspect…

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