Sending Patch changes to a Roland DS [SOLVED]

I’ve posted this on the Roland Forum.
I have my Juno DS communicating with GP, via Midi in and Out. I want to start using my Roland Keyboard for sounds (my Macbook is only 8GB), in conjunction with GP.
As yet I have not been able to succesfully sent a Program/Control change to my Roland Synth (Maybe I have the wrong patch list, or midi is 0-127 vs 1-128?)
I’ve put 88StageGrand (MSB87, LSB64,PC1), to be sent upon activation, but no luck so far.
Any advice welcome.

What do you expect to be done in Gig Performer?

I’m just trying to send a Patch change etc to my Roland, so the sound is coming from my Roland, rather than relying on my Macbook.

Should GP send such messages?

That’s what I did going into plugins before?

Help me, what exactly is the issue you face and what should be done by Gig Performer?


@Darug have you ever changed patches from an external device before?

I see there could be settings on the Roland to set a receive channel, and also settings to allow Program changes to be received. Have you checked/activated these settings?

You could have a look here:

I also wrote a Program Change Scriptlet with a MIDI learn function if it can help:


I send PC messages to various external hardware modules all the time. GP can do it very easily. Also, GP allows the user to import Instrument definition files. You can find JUNO DS ins files floating around on the internet.

You can find JUNO DS ins files floating around on the internet.

I have a couple, but unsure which are correct. Hopefully what David-San provided points me the correct direction.

Thank you. This should put me in the correct direction. I was only sending 1 cc (not 2), with wrong parameters, hence why the sounds that came back were completely incorrect.

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Hi PianoPaul, the below from DavidSan clears up what I look like I was doing wrong. (So far)

I’ll double-check tonight, but it did receive info at one stage, I just had the wrong result.

Progress. I finally had some sucees based on what you provided. The MSB and LSB are normal, IE 87 and 73, and as I have zero based numbers set, I have to select 10 (instead of 11).
Now I just have to fing a way of layering, or using Performance paches.
Thank you David-san, I’ll have a look at the scriptlet at some point.

So it seems to work so far, and it’s handy having the patch list.

I just have to figure out how to get into Performance settings.