Sending performance mode program change messages to Roland Juno DS

Ok, so I’ve sorted it out. Here are the steps I took to get my Roland Juno 61 to respond to program change (PC) messages from GP. (I use the Keylab as my midi controller and the Juno’s own sounds). This might work for other keyboards with the right midi data for that particular model:

  1. Have a spare USB B cable (or 2). The Juno seems to be a bit picky about them.

  2. With GP closed, connect the Juno directly to your computer. I tried daisy chaining through my Keylab with a din cable, but couldn’t get that to work.

  3. Switch on the Juno and wait for the drivers to be installed on your computer. Do not open GP until that process has finished.

Set the Juno up to receive patch change messages:
Menu button > System > Midi >

Patch RX/TX to the channel you are receiving the messages on. You wil define this in GP later (I used Channel 15).

Keep the 4 transmit parameters off unless you’re sending midi PC from the Juno.

Receive Program Change and Receive Bank Change should both be set On.

Press Write to store these changes.

  1. Open GP. Add 2 Midi Out blocks to the rackspace you want to use the Juno with. They don’t have to connect to anything.

  2. In the first Midi Out block, define your Midi Channel at the top. It should be the same as the channel the Juno is receiving on.
    In the Other Midi Messages dialog, choose SysEx from the dropdown menu and input:
    For patch changes: 41 10 00 00 3A 12 01 00 00 00 00 7E
    For performance program changes: 41 10 00 00 3A 12 01 00 00 00 01 7E
    The 2nd to last numbers determine the mode to be selected:
    PATCH=00, PERFORM=01, GM1=02, GM2=03, GS=04
    Leave the Program change fields empty here.

  3. In the second Midi Out block input the PC LSB and MSB numbers. Factory patches are listed in the Parameter guide which can be downloaded from the Roland site:
    For User patches you may need to refer to the Midi Implementation guide found here:
    (Program change numbers are at the bottom of page 1). The PC numbers in GP will be 1 lower than the Juno patch number.
    EG The Juno Grand is PC 00, LSB 87, MSB 73.
    Leave the Other Midi Messages field empty here.

You should see the patches change on the Juno as you input the PC numbers. The Midi out blocks are activated when the rackspace is loaded.

I tried putting all these numbers into 1 Midi Out block, but my Juno got confused. I suspect the sysex message has to come first? Perhaps a possible new feature for the Midi out dialog – being able to specify which message is sent first?

Combining this with the setup for MobileSheets means I can organise a setlist in MobileSheets and GP will send all the necessary PC messages to ensure I have the right patches when I turn to the next tune. Awesome! There is an excellent blog post on how to do this on the GP website.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: