[Gig] Program Change Sender with PC learn function

This gig file features a Scriptlet which can send a Program Change (PC) with an optional Bank Select (MSB+LSB) at each rackspace/variation change and can also learn from an incoming program change message.

Idea for this Scriptlet arose from frequent user requests of a possibility to send a Program Change message to an external synth at each variation. This concept has been reworked a bit to be able to optionally send a PC at each rackspace/variation and to MIDI learn any PC with optional bank select messages.

Note: Learn more about PC messages → Sending out Program Change messages to hardware devices and other applications

Download: Scriptlet-Program_Change_Sender_0.9.gig (245.0 KB)

Credits: @David-san


Very nice. I’ve been using a similar script with my Moog Sub37 + MoXF - but this one is more elegant :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thank you for the kind words @jazzundso :nerd_face: :wink: