Roland cloud plugins causing crash

Opinions on rolands plugins, they seem to cause a lot of crashes on my system.
Anyone experiencing problems with these ?

In the Forum you find some discussions about that

I like this answer from GP forum member @Vindes


I was going to post the same issue. I needed some decent strings for live use. I have NI Ultimate Komplete, and strings are amazing, but more for Production work, and not so much for live use. I like(d) the strings from SRX Orchestra, so purchased 2 weeks ago a lifetime key. But I have a feeling that GP is crashing due to this plugin. Whenever I have SRX Orchestra in a Rig, it Crashes at random.

Checking the crash report 9 out of 10 times its an exception in ntdll.dll
I thought that by buying a lifetime key, I would not need Roland Cloud Manager, but when RCM is not installed GP has even trouble loading the Rig when SRX orchestra is in the Rig.
Also have a feeling that it crashes less often when my system is connected to the internet ( I think RCM does some checks in between ). But thats not an option, as on a Gig I will not have an internet connection.
Currently doubting if it was a waste of money / if I’m going to use it for Live use…

While at it, does anyone can recommend a good versatile string library, that is good for Live performance ?

For strings I often use Omnisphere

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the crash culprit in mine was roland d50, when i removed d50 all srx orch and strings no longer crashed.

You mean D50 used in Rig, I assume. I have D50 installed but have not used it in a Rig. So in theory that should not cause a crash…

I had to uninstall D50 completely off my pc

That is not necessarily true, particularly if you are on Windows and an installer changed (updated) some system files.

Will give it a try, remove all Roland Plugins, except the ones I actually use

I have no idea whether that will be sufficient. I was just wanting to point out that installers can update windows system DLLs and that can be sufficient to introduce issues to other applications (including plugins)

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The Roland plugins, I have are all VST2 plugins. Normally VST2 plugins are just one dll file that are placed in a seperate directory, without any other dependend files.
I noticed something else yesterday while I had band rehearsal. I had a “random” crash of GP, and a bit later while the system was just “idle” again.
The crash report showed that the exception occured in “ig12icd64.dll”. A bit of research shows that this is a Intel HD graphics related dll.
I Recently changed the Graphics Renderer in GP from “Software” to “OpenGL”. I suspect that, that might be the one causing stabiltiy issue. Changed it back now to Software, and will check if GP runs now more stable