[blog] Tips to troubleshoot your computer based setup

Do that! :slight_smile:


[1] Comment your code

Liberally comment the code you’ve written. Otherwise, you’ll come back to it in a few months and forget completely what you did and why (source).

[2] Create a backup

Besides an operating system backup, Gig Performer allows you to easily export certain data that you may want to keep safe. Read this blog article to learn more.

[3] Reboot your Mac after updating an AU plugin

Generally, if you install or update an AudioUnit plugin (Mac only), you have to log out or possibly even reboot your computer before the updated AU becomes visible (source).

[4] Install 64-bit plugins and note the install path

VSTs may come as 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Uncheck 32-bit versions and note the location of 64-bit ones; after the installation, add the locations to the Plugin Manager.

[5] Steer clear of plugins that require weekly or monthly authorizations

Most likely you are not connected to the Internet while you are performing; if such a plugin decides to “call home” while you’re offline to authorize itself - it will stop working. Examples: link, link.