Robustness of Laptops

I am currently thinking about the hardware/laptop I will be using live with Gig Performer. Basically there are these options:

  • Gaming Notebook
  • Business Notebook
  • “Standard Notebook”
  • Desktop PC built into a rack

All these options differ in their robustness especially regarding temperature and shock-resistance. Does anybody has some experience to share?


I would also consider the option of a Small Form Factor PC. I am currently using a Lenovo M920q successfully:

It has the benefit of having a VESA mount available giving to the option to attach it to your keyboard stand. You can see mine attached to my stand in my post here:

Worth having a look at this thread… Like Dave I would recommend a separate small form factor PC in your rack

안정성과 CPU 효율성을 따져 본다면 역시 3U 사이즈 데스크톱 PC가 가장 좋을 것 같습니다.
참고로 전 ASRock Jupiter X300 미니 PC를 사용 중인데 휴대성과 CPU 성능 그리고 안정성은
최고인 것 같습니다…^^*


Considering stability and CPU efficiency, a 3U-sized desktop PC would be the best.
For your information, I’m using the ASRock Jupiter X300 mini PC, and portability, CPU performance, and reliability
I think it’s the best…^^*