Question for Roland Fantom users

I am thinking about getting a Fantom 7 to use with GP, are the controllers fully assingnable within GP and other than the obvious cost implications are there any disadvantages choosing this keyboard?
It seems to have everything I am looking for that I cannot find in a controller keyboard.

Mmm … well thanks in advance for your replies :laughing:

We cannot answer…
What messages are sent from the Fantom 7 Controllers?
With this information we can answer.

Thx in advance for your reply :wink:

Thanks for the response pianopaul but I don’t really understand what you are asking for and you obviously don’t understand what I was asking for so I will try to explain …

My Post was aimed at Fantom users who use GP ( there are a few that frequent this forum) and what I was asking was does this keyboard work well with GP and if it’s controllers (knobs, buttons, faders) are all available to be assigned in GP.
This Workstation (Fantom 7) appears to have everything I need in a synth based keyboard and just wanted to know if anyone has any issues with or would recommend it for use with GP. It’s a bit expensive to buy only to find it doesn’t integrate with GP too well (I don’t see why it shouldn’t but I don’t know much).
This would be used as my second keyboard to compliment my 88key fully weighted stage piano and would hopefully be my main controller for use with GP.

If you download the manual for that instrument, there will be a section typically called MIDI Implementation that will describe exactly what it sends out.


Thanks guys but I think I must be talking Martian …
I was just looking for a response from Fantom owners for an opinion as to whether it works ok with GP or not.
Guess I’d be better off finding the Roland Community and asking there if any of them use GP or else just buy one and hope for the best.

What would be your use case with the fantom and Gig Performer?

I don’t think anybody knew what you meant by “works with GP” but I assume you were talking about the sliders and buttons.

I just downloaded the manual and sure enough, the MIDI Implementation is in the back — and it looks like they are using standard CC messages for their controllers (as I would have expected) so unlike the Kronos which sends Sysex Messages for its sliders by default, this should let you control widgets without having to do any conversions.

I’m not going to guarantee this (the manual COULD be wrong) but the answer is that it will probably work just fine.


Cheerss dhj,
Thanks for taking the trouble, that was helpful … it made not much sense to me.
Still amazed that no one that actually owns one responded.

“What would be your use case with the fantom and Gig Performer?”

Same as any other controller keyboard used with GP

Probably not only or you would think of a basic controller…

Regarding Fantom users, you can warn them by writting their pseudo here, e.g. Hi @David-san… oh, I am still there! :wink:

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Hey @Stilli

You can simply use the search function and you’ll quickly see what community members use Roland Fantom :slight_smile:

For example:

@DaveBoulden is using it (also @dirtforker , @Florian and many other members).


Sorry there, I’m on software only - with a hot backup, however. My controller is a custom board based on the Studiologic SL73 and two iPads with TouchOSC.

Other than that, I can just repeat what others have already said: the specification of the Roland Fantom qualify it to work perfectly with GP for both MIDI and audio. :+1:


Sorry @Stilli, I had completely missed your post until I was tagged otherwise I would have chimed in already.

I’m currently setting up GP with my Fantom-07. I have used Fantoms for quite some time X7, G7, Fantom 7 and have now switched to a Fantom 07 to have a physically lighter keyboard to carry around.

Aside from the controller question, I can tell you the Fantom works extremely well as a sound card. It has very stable drivers meaning I can happily run it down to a buffer size as low as 128 samples.

Setting up scenes on the Fantom to act as a controller is not to bad once you get your head around setting Zones (a key split range) to be External rather than internal. I have come to the conclusion that the easiest way to do it is to only split into zones where you want to mix between internal Fantom sounds and sounds from GP within the same patch and any splits you need from GP are best done entirely within GP itself, so treat the split on the Fantom as internal sounds vs. a bulk split area to be controlled by GP, if that makes sense.


  • Fantom key range C2-C3 is internal Fantom sound 1
  • Fantom key range C3-C4 is internal Fantom sound 2
  • Fantom key range C4-C8 goes to GP where is is further split into more sounds there)

I’m not completely sure all the controls will emit MIDI CCs or NRPNs as I have mostly just investigated the bank of 8 knobs and sliders which, by default, will emit MIDI volume and pan CCs, but can be freely assigned to any CC or pitch bend and the like. I’ll do a few tests, hopefully later today and get back to you with a more definitive answer.


Not really….controllers are much more general than synths that have “some” controller functionality. The SL88 is a simple example but take a look at something like the Viscount K4/K5 which, apart from four banks of 9 sliders, 9 buttons and 9 knobs, (so access to 36 of each of them), has 8 MIDI output ports, 4 USB ports, 3 mod/pitch wheels and that’s just the beginning.

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Thank you Dave, very helpful.

Hi dhj, thanks again. I did check out the Viscount K4/K5 a while ago but I am looking for a decent Synth action 76 note board, the Viscount has fully weighted keys.
I like the Arturia but the sliders are totally in the wrong position and it’s only 61 keys.
The Fantom 7 has everything I like (apart from the aftertouch problem) in a synth type keyboard/controller and has the advantage of a good range of sounds if I care to take it out on it’s own anytime. I am not too hungry for controls so long as I can tweek a few widgets and the controls can be ‘learned’ in GP.

For what sounds/plugins are you using Gig Performer?

NI Komplete
IK Sampletank
IK Syntronik
IK Hammond B3-x
IK Sampletron
Arturia Vintage Collection 9
UVI Vintage Organ Collection
Addictive Keys
Ivory II

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Excellent Choice