Question about predictive loading

My band’s full set list is huge and I will use way more than 100 rackaspaces, so using preditive loading would speed up GP loading time and make my setup lighter.

The problem is, although we have a standard set list, there are ALLWAYS changes “on the fly”. For example, we are playing song nº 10 and then the drummer decides that next we will play song nº 23 and then song 28.

If using preditive loading, then the band will have to stop playing so that I can load song nº 23… unless there was an option to load that song while I am still playing song nº 10.

Is there any way I can do that?

How many total songs does your band do? Can you handle loading the full songlist in a single Gig File (without Predictive Loading)?

There is no magic here. Predictive loading is designed to alleviate issues due to their not being sufficient RAM available to load ALL your plugins. If you don’t have enough RAM, then predictive loading will load the next few rackspaces in advance. But it can’t know about arbitrary jumps. By putting your rackspaces in a specific order (setlist), you are telling GP which ones to load next.

How would you tell GP to load an arbitrary song next, while you’re still playing some other song?


The same way It loads next “n” rackspaces, I thought that maybe there was a way I could “tell” GP to load from X to Y rackspaces (of course it would overwrite the already loaded next rackspaces).

There is no magic here. If that is not an option, I will have to find a way

Maybe I am missing something. But, what if you just changed the setlist order to the order you now want. I would think Predictive Loading would then load the songs/rackspaces in the order you now want (and empty the rackspaces that are no longer within the Predictive Loading range).
(I don’t know if that could create a stability issue in GP).

And my question stands — how would you tell GP what you want to do – how to specify X to Y while you are already in the middle of performing some other song?

I think I wasnt clear enough. Of course I can (and have) a set list. The problem is we change order DURING the show, so at a given point the next song wont be the next song on the setlist but a totally different one.

Of course I dont know how to tell GP to load it in advance (using preditive loading) while I am playing a song in a different “range of rackspaces” it has loaded but I thought that maybe some script like “advanced song chooser” could make the job.

Thank you all for your replyes

No matter what you would have to tell GP what the change is. So, it is really no different than changing the setlist order as soon as you know. But, if it is right when you are going to the next song this does not help.

This is really the same point David was making.

If you could get enough ram to fit the songs in that might be called so you didn’t need to use Predictive Loading, this would be nice (obviously).(You could leave out songs that you know will not be picked. So, maybe this is manageable).

You could also try all the other ways of reducing ram use (Kontakt sample purging and reduce ram cache, putting sample-based plugin using the same sounds in the Global Rackspace (so they are only loaded once), trying to switch to physically modeled plugins instead of sampled-based ones, …

But, if your computer can take more ram, that is huge. (Maybe the prices have come down since last time you looked).

One of the community members here created an extension you might be interested in.

That is not the issue. Suppose GP could do this in principle. What would you do, while still playing some other song to be able to tell GP what new selection of songs should be picked? How would you specify songs 3-6 rather than song 9-15?

Maybe David Boulden’s extension could help (?) I didn’t see a discussion of how it works with Predictive Loading.

You would still need some time to pick the songs that are moving ahead in the list.

But, I suppose it might be faster than just moving the order in the set list.

I suspect David will offer input at some point.


I don’t use predictive loading, so I am just conjecturing here…

Using your example, let’s say you’re on song 10 now and the drummer indicates song 23 is next… If you had predictive loading at (say) 3 and re-ordered the setlist to move song 23 into the position of song 11 (while you’re still playing song 10) would GP’s predictive loading then load the new song 11 while still playing song 10?

I don’t know. Even if it did, I’m not aware of a good way to quickly find and move a song in the setlist.

You could use 2 instances of Gig Performer.
One active you play and then when the drummer wants to play another you could activate that song in the other instance.
But then you have to make sure that the desired instance is reacting on your playing.
Mute MIDI Ins in the passive instance.

This is something I’ve wrestled with since I started performing live… Band leaders that refuse to put a setlist together and play songs in a specific order. Basically, gig performer would have to read your drummer’s mind, which of course it can’t.

If you are only using a few plugins and they accept program changes, one option would be to put the plugins into a song and create variations that pass the progam change into the plugin(s) for each song. You could even move the plugins into the global rackspace and pass the program changes there.

If you’re doing the same thing I am, and have tons of different plugins in a gig file, god speed my friend.

If I’m not mistaken, I believe the OP said that multiple audibles are unfortunately, always going on, so an ordered set list is not possible?

If the only issue you have is “finding” songs in GP (you don’t have to separately find a song in a tablet or separately change hardware keyboard settings, etc.) I think GP handles this very well if you do not use Predictive Loading

Just make sure all your songs are in your “setlist” (some can be on the bottom) and plug in a few letters to find the song. I think you do need a mouse and quick access to you laptop (I have this). But, I can do this very quickly.

Dave Boulden’s extension may even make this easier, especially in some use cases (you are using machine with GP that has a touch screen?). And it allows you to move a few songs up as next songs quicker than adjusting your setlist. So, for some people this extension may be a godsend (maybe there are other benefits too. Sorry, if I left them out, Dave).

The problem is Predictive Loading is set up so all your songs are not immediately available in real time. It’s the nature of the beast. It’s a tradeoff if you do not have sufficient ram to load all your possible songs in the same Gig file.

[No idea if two instances of GP helps or just creates more problems].

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I have 20 or so set lists with 20 songs in each. I use these for open air markets where the crowd is mostly on the move and there is very little audience interaction. The sets give me an hours worth of music, and I used to have predictive set on 3.
But, I always hankered for a 400+ rackspace where I could randomly pick songs according to requests or “atmospheric feel.” With a random setup, I reckoned that a setting of 3 was redundant. So, the kind GP developers added an option to set predictive to 1. This means that as the next song is being loaded, the just played song is being unloaded at the same time. Waiting can be anywhere between 4 to 10 seconds and occasionally 11 or 12 depending on the size of the rackspace. The waiting time isn’t hard to endure. A water bottle sip, pretend adjustment of my belt pack or a vague glance around the crowd fills in the time ok. BTW - I use an iPad to change GP rackspaces and have a Surface Pro 8 i7 with 16gig memory.