Program Changes in Arturia V Collection

I recently got the Arturia V Collection (it was on sale, couldn’t help myself) and am wondering if there’s any way to send Program Changes in V Collection to the various plugins. If not PC’s, any kind of CC that could bring up presets on demand.

None of the obvious ways seemed to work and there’s a remarkable lack of info on the subject anywhere I’ve searched online.

I could set up multiple instances and add switches to bypass them, but that sounds… inelegant.

Anyone have any tips?

Just use playlists in analog v

Why should it “sound inelegant“? Changing plugin presets live always has something unpredictable depending on the plugin. You never know how fast the plugin reacts.


Perhaps if you explain the reason you want to do this, we may be able to suggest a different solution that may be more stable. Sending program changes to the same instance of a plugin tends not to be the best way to do things in GP when you have rackspaces and variations to handle changes formally.


I have a lot of ARTURIA VII plugins where I created playlists and send PC with a scriptlet. I simply needed the flexibility for improvised playing and preloading X amount of presets wasn’t working for me. Works great! Immediate, no issues. I can send you more exact setup info tomorrow if you’d like.

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I’d like to be able to punch up patches for specific songs and instruments the way I can on something like KeyScape.

For example: I built a set for a Floyd cover band where each song has its own rackspace. That works okay, but if I’m playing in a situation where I don’t know specifically what song is coming up, I’d like to be able to call up presets from the panel without needing to dive into the plugin itself.

Something analogous to how I’d change patches on a hardware synth.

That would be terrific as it sounds more or less exactly like what I’m trying to do.

I see. I am in similar situation in a covers band where our singer calls he songs as we play. I created an extension that allows me to load rackspaces on the fly. You can see a little demo video about halfway through my GigPerformer in Action forum post here:

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I understand that in such a situation you cannot switch to the next rackspace for the next song, but to select another rackspace of your set list. But I don’t understand why in such a situation you want to change the preset of a plugin ? I could understand if you would like to be able to access a new patch among one of the hundreds of patch in the Arturia V Collection, but this is something else… I probably missed something.

You’d still need to create presets ahead of time in the plugin so therefore… why not create rackspaces per-preset so you can just switch to rackspaces vs. control some parameter within a plugin?

I mean… I know why you might want to do this, but in GP this is formally handled in a different way.

That being said, I’d like to see this scriplet too @ztones

If you put this Scriptlet in the front of a plugin which uses Program Change messages to change presets, it should do the job:


I would probably create a different new rackspace for each patch option you want and create a song in setlist mode for each rackspace. Name the songs in a way that is intuitive and use “find song” in setlist mode to quickly change sounds.

So here is my setup. First, I misspoke. The PC is NOT coming from a scriptlet. It is a standard PC message from midi blocks. The scriptlet is only used to delay the PC messages due to the fact that I have the unused plugins bypassed and they need to be un-bypassed BEFORE the PC message “arrives”. Sometimes, when it all happens at the same time, it doesn’t end up working as expected. :slight_smile:

Please note, much of this setup is discouraged due to the unpredictability of preset changes (time it takes, etc), but at least with Arturia and Kontakt, it has been working flawlessly for over a year with 3 live shows per week.

My plugins are in the global rackspace. Notice, each plugin is preceded with a midi block, and the (amazing) plugin persist bypass scriptlet (by @David-san). Most of them also have the PC delay scriptlet in the chain.

Here is what the panel in the GLOBAL RS looks like:

The switch activates the plugin persist scriptlet and underneath is a widget which is mapped to the midi block to send PC. The PC widget is also mapped to a global parameter so I can control it/them from local rackspaces.

As mentioned earlier, Arturia PC messages only work with playlists, so you’d have to put your chosen presets into a playlist and the PC message will go through those presets in the playlist. As you can see, just for the convenience of me being able to see what’s in each playlist, I have a list of the presets under each plugin listen in the rackspace view. This takes time to setup, but once done, its super useful.

Here is what the local rackspaces look like:

I can set the desired plugin with the selected preset (via PC change) for each variation in each rackspace. Levels for each preset can be set as well.

As I switch rackspaces and variations, I notice zero lag. Sounds are available immediately. Its smooth as it can be. I have predictive loading OFF.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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No, that’s exactly what I want to do. Select one of the patch presets in the A V collection.

I think that this ought to do me! What I ended up doing in the short term was a very simple version of this where I could just quickly assign a plugin to my upper or lower keyboard with the switches and then pop open the plugin to quickly pull up what I needed by pressing the button beneath. I’ve got a touch screen on my Mac so I can actually do it pretty fast.

This is much more functional though!

What touchscreen? What kind of Mac?

Espresso Display on a Mac Mini.

Oh, it’s a separate device. I thought you had found a replacement for laptop display