Post-covid gigs

Restrictions are gradually lifted, people are getting vaccinated, pale musicians are finally entering stages all around the world to bring live music to the masses!


I had my first post lockdown gig today. First live gig in over 18 months.

Gig performer working flawlessly as always, this time with three instances: One for organ, one with amp simulation for the clavinet, and one master instance with plugins, program change for the prophet and set list.

What a joy!


Nice rig! You also move an heavy VPC1, so I am not the only one :wink:

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Yes, it is indeed heavy, but I find it worth it for piano sounds. Perhaps it would be better with a lighter piano and lighter action as an all round keyboard, but I’m in love with the VPC action.

What’s your preferred piano plugin? Mine is Ravenscroft.

I love the Ivory American Concert D. Together with the VPC1, it is a dream.

Cool, I’ll try it out! :slight_smile:

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When I see your equipment, what sound do you play with Gig Performer?


On the VPC it’s mostly Ravenscroft, sometimes combined with a pad from the prophet. I also have an upright sample from UVI. Can’t remember the name.

The organ uses the acousticsamples b5.

The clavinet/pianet is run through a pedalboard and then into Bias FX2.

The clavinet and organ have no patch changes, but are controlled and registered manually. The VPC and prophet are the only one affected by song/patch changes in GP.

Usually I’ve been playing the Korg organ through a Leslie 145, but I wanted to try the b5 for this one.
I’ve also been using a Roland jc120 for the clavinet, but I wanted to try Bias this time. Very happy with the result.
Playing on inears I did not miss the JC, and almost not the Leslie.

There are also a few effects engaged. Valhalla vintage, Aberrant dsp shape shifter and sketch cassette most notably.

Sounds complex.
I am using just 1 Controller, S88 MkII from NI.
Ableton live for backing tracks and scripting for automatic variation changes to switch the sounds.
Yes we play all songs with a click coming from ableton live.
Also the light show and video projections are controlled by ableton live.

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That’s exactly the kind of rig I like, mixing vintage keys, hardware and soft synths. Only GP makes it so easy to mix all this world. And if your venue is too small, or for any other reason, you can replace the real thing by plugins and play on only two MIDI keyboards. If you like playing the clavinet, it is probably a real pleasure to play the real thing. And if we don’t play for the pleasure, what for? :wink:

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Yes, looks good and feels good to play for sure.
But when you get older you have to look for an equipment which can be transported and setup very easily.
And in case of misfunction of the Keyboard I only need another 88 keys controller.

But it would be a real pleasure to play with such a rig used by @Hogo

There is a joke,

Q: When do you know you’re too old to play in a band?
A: When you buy gear based on its weight

I used to think that joke was funny :grimacing:


Well, even if you are young (I am not really anymore), moving a VPC1 alone is really tricky. I have a broken back and putting the piano in the flightcase or taking it out is a feat. Putting the flightcase in or out of the car is another challenge. The only solution I found was to make a custom flight case with room to put my hands inside and no less than 8 handles on the outside. :crazy_face:

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Ouch… What does the vpc1 weigh then? Looks like a monster of a board! Respect all of you who are carrying this around… :metal::metal:

For years I’ve taken my old motif es8, hammond xk2, and a bunch of controllers out and into my car to and from rehearsals. Had a Jaspers stand for live use (because I believed it to be the best stand around and it looks cool too, I think) packed with additional arms for computer screen, tablet, mic boom. Took ages to set up…

Now I’m putting together a set of controllers, one or two apex stands, and a decent rackmount computer to go all-in with GP and VSTs.

Gone will be those days, completely fatigued of rushing and getting ready for a gig/rehearsal :sunglasses:

Now, only that lock-down thingy…

How about the rest, any gigs planned?

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My next gig is 09.07.2021, an open air.


Little by little we’re opening up here in Texas. I’ve already played 3-4 small gigs in the last 2 months. I’ve got several coming up in the next few months. :crossed_fingers:


Probably close to 50kg together with the flightcase :grimacing:

Wow, you must be in good shape, lifting this frequently!