Post-covid gigs

do you feed your roadies well? :face_with_monocle:

The roady is usually… me. :confused: When I’m lucky, I can ask a hand from someone who generally doesn’t know how to carry properly. :grimacing: So I thought of everything in my flightcase to be able to roll it, carry it, tilt it, slide it, lift it “easily”. Only stairs are difficult if I am alone…

In one of my last groups, we had a Stanley truck-stair climber. It can carry up to 120kgs. It helps protecting your back .

I have got this trolley:

But it cannot climb any stair. I think only motorized stair climber really help, but they are expensive and … heavy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

RocknRollers are a great asset! It provides me with one trip to the stage instead of four…

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I used one motorized roller in the theater where I worked. We rented it to transport the piano that belonged to the theater: a Bösendofer-Concert Grand 290 Imperial :smiley:
You are right, it is very heavy, about 120 kgs with the battery. But when you can afford it, you can afford to have a ramp to put it in the truck without any effort. :wink:


Totally agree! It’s for the pleasure! :slight_smile:

I probably would have scaled this setup down had it only been one event, but the entire rig is now in the crew’s car or warehouse, and they’ll bring it to the next couple of shows. I try to do most of the carrying myself, out of… I don’t know… courtesy? To me the worst part is coming home at 2 am and having to empty the car all by myself. So whenever there’s a crew with a car involved, I dare to bring more stuff.

I didn’t bringg the Leslie and amp for this one though, as the guitarists and bassplayer had all transitioned to Helixs. It would have been to embarrassing bringing that much when they basically could carry all their own gear. :slight_smile:

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Haha, well maybe it is a bit complex. :slight_smile: I would say tracks complicate things more than what I have going here, really. I just really enjoy the feeling of dedicated instruments. The organ is an organ, the VPC is a piano, the clav is a clav… But I would not hesitate to scale down for smaller gigs, or one-off shows.

I really like the idea of using Ableton for patch changing, though! I have only done that once, and that’s a nice solution!

Texas seems like a good place to be at the moment! Just listening to Joe Rogan makes me want to go :slight_smile:

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Rehearsals are the worst :laughing:. Sounds like a good setup!

Here in Norway things are slowly opening, and though there are some restrictions still, many places are eligible for shows with limited capacity and proper distancing. We’re playing the next few weekends and have a few shows scheduled later in the summer. Really happy about this!