PC Manager utility from Microsoft

A couple of considerations:

[1] It was first designed for the Chinese market. When you run the installer, and the UAC prompt appears, you’ll see the manufacturer’s name in Chinese.

[2] Microsoft later decided that this tool can be available globally. The current status is open beta. It is not stable and many users reported that they cannot even install the app! (allegedly, the installer stuck at 23% ).

I also couldn’t install the app, this is a screenshot from my Windows 11 computer:


[3] Beware of “one click” solutions, registry cleaners, junk cleaners, and “super fast virus killers”, as they call it.

a) You should not clean your registry at all → Should You Clean Your Windows Registry? - MajorGeeks

b) Don’t use anything that doesn’t give you a clean look of what is deleted; we formerly had an issue with this tool (for Mac) → Gig Performer | All gig files gone after update - Gig Performer also rescanned all plugins

c) there are no one click “virus killers”. There were many tools for Windows for detailed diagnostics and malware removal, first there was HijackThis!, then Combofix, GMER, Avenger, ZOEK, MBAR, OTL, FRST, DDS, Kaspersky’s AVZ tool, then specialized tools like TDSS (I used all of them to fight with malware when antivirus couldn’t do anything to disinfect a PC).

You may stumble upon other tools that include collections of scripts, i.e. Tron.