Computer resources concerns

This post inspired me to create this thread.

It seems that many people are concerned particularly about their RAM usage and want to keep it as low as possible.

In the UNIX family (and their derivates), free memory is pretty much considered as wasted memory.

Free memory is the amount of memory that is currently not used for anything. For this reason, especially on servers, I like to consider free memory as wasted memory. – Hayden James

Modern Windows memory management systems also do a good job in handling computers’ memory.
For example, in this thread you can see that with a decent audio interface you can get up to 90% of your CPU usage without any stability concerns. There were people reporting that they use Gig Performer with 78-85% RAM used.

I have two older Windows laptops running Windows 10 and Windows 11 with just 4 GB of RAM. I like to stress test Gig Performer and give it a really hard time going up to 95% and more of RAM used. You may wonder did it crash? No it didn’t, the operating system was putting the data from RAM into the hard drive.

More stress testing:

One of my stress testing activities: I created thousands of connections. All good.

Perhaps companies that sell various computer optimizers, RAM and registry cleaners, etc. (Who remembers TuneUp Utilities? :slight_smile: ) popularized this idea that you should clean RAM whenever possible.

My advice is - don’t worry too much! :slight_smile:
While it makes sense to periodically check the performance indicators - make sure that you just enjoy your music and forget the techie stuff.

Gig Performer system requirements → LINK


Thank you. Great information!

I wonder about the significance of the fact that ram usage (as shown in the Windows Task Manager) goes down over time. I wonder if reductions over time (from 88% down to under 50%) means something in terms of your ability to deal with high ram usage (at least at the time GP is first activated).

I also think I did reduce ram usage (about 5% less, I think) by reducing the buffer of samples loaded within Kontakt, seemingly without any downside or trade off.

This is really true. When you first start your PC, many tasks are scheduled to execute on computer startup. Over time, RAM decreases (of course, depends on scheduled tasks that run when your PC is idle and other background tasks).

Hmm, so if my computer was running a few hours and then I started up GP, it would show the lower ram utilization off the bat? Maybe I’ll try that and see what happens.

You can experiment if you like, why not. But the point of this thread is - simply forget about it. :slight_smile:
I was very interested in various optimizations because I didn’t have strong computers at a time.

For example, I ran Windows XP on Pentium II Celeron, 64 MB of RAM and 6 GB of HDD for years. I also run Windows 11 on 4 GB of RAM + Gig Performer + plugins on a nearly 14 years old Core2Duo laptop. I use every optimization trick that I could think of. But those are extreme conditions.

For your use case, just lay back and enjoy the music. :slight_smile:


Great stuff @npudar !

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Who here Remembers Softram? From the late 90s.

I don’t think that program ever worked. It was a scam. However there were some interesting TSR programs that compressed data on the fly for read/write to disk and they worked quite well

I worked for a company that sold this and another similar program.

Yes, if you look up a few videos on YT, you will see that it was a scam, and the program itself would give false readings. :grinning:
I remember the Aussie Distributor we bought one of the programs off, went bust not long after. There was a big recall on the product.

Just to make sure: Sold or bought?

Purchased. Win and MacOS


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