My custom 2u PC live rig


Hi everyone in GP world, for anybody looking for an alternative to the the laptop on stage setup or just want more bang for your buck, you may be interested in going down the path I did.
I have come to use gig performer after using a muse receptor for a few years of hassle free gigs. But after the demise of muse research i was in the market for looking at a new computer and host to run my plugins for live gigs.
I originally thought i would have to go down the apple path and use MS but after using my receptor and comparing its performance to mates using macbook pros i could not justify the cost of the laptops so to cut a long story short i stumbled across gig performer which was win compatible and decided to build my own receptor basically so here it is.
Custom 2u pc case
Gigabyte motherboard
8th gen i5 8700 6 core (honestly didnt need the i7 this is plenty) remembering this is a desktop cpu much better than laptop i5.
2 x samsung m.2 970 evo ssds
32 gig ddr 4 ramm
Silverstone milo chasis
Silverstone sfx sx 500 power supply
Motu ultralite mk4 audio interface

Now the great thing about this setup is i can upgrade it so easily if needed but honestly it has handled anything I have thown at it plugin wise all running 48hz 128 buffer no probs. But no point running 48 really.
I use a MS surface pro i5 as a remote running thru a crossover cable on windows remote desktop. This is so i dont require at monitor at gigs. I do not use the surface to do any processing it just cant handle it.
By the way the pc build only cost about a 1/4 the price of a i9 macbook pro and performance is the same if not better.
Here are some pics


Can you say something about what kind of music you perform, whether you tour, or play locally, etc?


These days I am playing covers for corporate events with a 8 piece band and 11 piece when the brass line up is needed. The music we cover is generally a wide array of stuff spanning from 70s though to now depending on audience we make adjustments to the setlist accordingly. I am also working on a bruno mars tribute show which is going to be very fun for me being on keyboards. Lucky gig performer can make it happen.:grinning:


Great rig! I’m also running on home built desktop machines.

Micro ATX Biostar motherboard with AMD FX-6100 Six Core processor, 500GB SSD,16GB ram, and an ASRock motherboard with Intel i5-6500 Quad Core, as the backup machine, both in modified cases. I’m currently using a MiniDSP USBStreamB connected to a Behringer ADA8000. I’ve had the ADA8000 for years, so I thought I’d put it to use (it only takes 1U of space). And it’s plenty versatile! I can run 8 separate outputs from the ADA8000.

Using tin snips and a rivet tool, I chopped some old tower cases down to size. Lightened them up and mounted them in my road rack. Together they take up 5U (about 2.5U each) of rackspace. If my first machine goes down, I’ll just switch over to the backup machine. In the time it takes to swap cables and boot up, I’ll be running again.
For smaller clubs, I run the ADA8000 output directly into a KM750 Stereo Amp (only need to use one side), and drive one of my Carvin LS1503 speakers. Great frequencies and plenty loud enough. And I can bring the matching LS1503, and run both sides of the stereo amp if I need more decibels.
(I also have an Alien & Heath Zedi 10FX USB mixer, that I’ve used as an interface/mixer combo. I used that for the show in the picture.)

You do get a lot more for your money with desktop technology. Also, they’re easier to fix or upgrade, and repair parts are cheaper.

My next build will be the Mini ITX form factor. It’ll be interesting to see what they can do.


Mine is a mini itx motherboard
Gigabyte Z370N-WIFI LGA 1151 Mini ITX Motherboard. They work great i chose this to keep everything under 2u for pc


Thanks for sharing. I too am moving to Windows just for my rig thanks to Gig Performer, as it is difficult to spend that $$ on the Mac when it is dedicated to just this purpose. I think this is the direction I’ll be going too for the reasons you stated, assuming this Windows driver stuff doesn’t drive me crazy first.