Home built desktop computer for gigging

Great rig! I’m also running on home built desktop machines.

Micro ATX Biostar motherboard with AMD FX-6100 Six Core processor, 500GB SSD,16GB ram, and an ASRock motherboard with Intel i5-6500 Quad Core, as the backup machine, both in modified cases. I’m currently using a MiniDSP USBStreamB connected to a Behringer ADA8000. I’ve had the ADA8000 for years, so I thought I’d put it to use (it only takes 1U of space). And it’s plenty versatile! I can run 8 separate outputs from the ADA8000.

Using tin snips and a rivet tool, I chopped some old tower cases down to size. Lightened them up and mounted them in my road rack. Together they take up 5U (about 2.5U each) of rackspace. If my first machine goes down, I’ll just switch over to the backup machine. In the time it takes to swap cables and boot up, I’ll be running again.
For smaller clubs, I run the ADA8000 output directly into a KM750 Stereo Amp (only need to use one side), and drive one of my Carvin LS1503 speakers. Great frequencies and plenty loud enough. And I can bring the matching LS1503, and run both sides of the stereo amp if I need more decibels.
(I also have an Alien & Heath Zedi 10FX USB mixer, that I’ve used as an interface/mixer combo. I used that for the show in the picture.)

You do get a lot more for your money with desktop technology. Also, they’re easier to fix or upgrade, and repair parts are cheaper.

My next build will be the Mini ITX form factor. It’ll be interesting to see what they can do.


Yes, it will. Have you achieved that goal? :slight_smile: